Steps on Request Library Materials

Use this service to recommend new items to add in our collection. Note that the service is for HAU students, faculty and staff only. Before submitting a request, please check the OPAC to determine whether the material you want is already available. All recommendations will be reviewed and evaluated based on certain criteria. You will receive notifications on the status of your requests.

  1. List books for recommendation
  2. Check our OPAC if the materials are not available yet in the Library
  3. Email or message Acquisitions Librarians with the following format:
    • Name: Dept., Position (If employee), College/School (if student)
    • Materials requested Quantity, ISBN.ISSN, Title, Author/Creator, Copyright/Publication, Date, source/supplier
  4. You will be notified by the librarians if the materials requested is already acquired.

Here is the link for the online request of library materials/equipment via google form.