Guidance and Counselling

The University Guidance Services provides guidance and counseling support programs for students who may be experiencing any measure of distress that may affect his or her behavior within and outside the University.

Personality Development

The Guidance Counselors conduct personality development seminars and inventories to help students learn more about themselves, understand other people and learn how to deal with others.

Relationship Concerns

Being young adults, it is but natural to experience the joys and pains of being in a relationship. Be it as a classmate, peer, family or special someone, each of us has our own tale of sadness, confusions and disappointments brought about by relational conflicts. Your counselors will be glad to listen to your life stories. They are sworn to protect your secrets.

Time Management

Where does your time go? With too much task at hand and with the never ending deadlines, how well do you manage your time? It is a fact that even straight A’s students find it difficult to manage their time. That is why we have developed time management training modules and brochures which are intended to help you keep track of your precious time, avoid procrastination and to set your priorities.

Stress Management

How do you manage the stresses of a college student? Stressors all around us from the demands of academic life, the expectations we have to meet and the goals we want to achieve. Stress can bring out the best and the worse of a student. If you feel that stressors in life are defeating you, you may visit the guidance office for some stress busting techniques. Be worry free!

Choice of Course

Choosing the right course is an important factor in graduating on time. Career counseling sessions are provided to students who are undecided on their chosen course. This is intended to avoid shifting from one course to another so that the student could graduate on time.


As your counselors, we believe that teen sexuality should not be ignored. Rather, we believe that it is best that students are kept well informed about the topic and that no issues are left unanswered. As a Catholic institution, we firmly believe in the value of human life, personal dignity and respect, and the advocacy of sexual responsibility through chastity education.

Academic Difficulties

As part of its No Student Left Behind campaign, the Guidance Counselors conduct academic counseling and teachers/parents consultation for students who are having academic difficulties. Tutorials are also arranged with the Office of Student Affairs and University Scholarship and Grants Office when needed.

Peer Support Group

The Guidance Caring Connections (GCC) serve as extension arm of the Guidance Counselors in reaching out to their co-students during online and face-to-face classes. The GCC members are provided seminars, training and exposure to the guidance services to effectively perform their duties to their peers.

Services for High School Students

High School life is one of the most exciting and memorable stages of a person’s life. It could also be the most difficult and problematic stage. Learn how to balance your life and cope with the stresses brought about by changes in your physical, emotional and social well being. Avail of the services available for you at the Guidance Office.

Services for Elementary School Pupils

As our youngest members in the university, we take care of you so you will grow up in the way that our school envisions you to be. We give activities that could help you cope with the difficulties of formal education, develop good study habits and emotional maturity, play and learn, be acquainted with different careers.

Services for Parents

Is your teenager giving you headaches or heartaches? Attend our focus group sessions with your teens and learn to understand your teenager’s behavior. Let your child understand you too by your presence in our sessions. We could also discuss privately any problem you may be encountering with your child which may affect his studies.

Services for Faculty

As our partners in the development of our students, we offer you services which could help you understand your students more. We could give you information which are relevant in improving teaching-learning activities inside your classroom.

Services for Visitors

People from all walks of life may see our friendly and accommodating counselors for student-related concerns, information pertaining to other schools’ and universities’ admission requirements, among others.

Mental Health Program

The Mental Health Program generally aims to improve the psychological well-being of students. There are activities intended for mental wellness, proper management of mental health concerns, psychological assessments and referral to professionals.