Mission / Vision

University Sports Office Mission/Vision

We envision the University Sports Office as an effective instrument of Holy Angel University in providing excellent athletic/sports programs and services as well as safe and good training facilities conducive to the transformation of students, employees, athletes, and sports enthusiasts.

University Sports Objectives

The University Sports Office serves as an effective instrument of the University in providing excellent sports programs and services to prepare athletically superior students for competitions. It is also an aspect of the holistic development of students.

University Sports Services

  • Varsity Training
  • Issuance of Sports Equipment
  • Technical Assistance in SportsFest and Intramurals
  • Participation of Athletes in Local, Regional and National Competitions

Sports programs



Basketball (Men)

Basketball (Women)


Lawn Tennis

Table Tennis


Volleyball (Men)

Volleyball (Women)



Basic Education


Basketball (Boys)


Lawn Tennis

Volleyball (Girls)




Table Tennis

Varsity Programs

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Application Procedures

Team Application

  1. Application period is during the preceding semester.
  2. Completion of try-out/training period is during summer or the preceding semester.
  3. Submit pertinent documents during summer or the preceding semester.

Scholarship Application

  1. Submission of list of recommended athletes for scholarship with under trainees by the coach endorsed by the Sports Coordinator;
  2. Student athletes submit documents and accomplished Scholarship Application Form and Scholarship Waiver;
  3. Evaluation by Sports Coordinator, Grants Officer and Dean of Student Affairs

Duties and Responsibilities

During University Intramurals (High School Intramural Games, College Days and University Days Sports Fests), the varsity athletes shall help the coaches in officiating and the safe-keeping of equipment used in the games. They are assigned as table officials, scorers, line judges, and/or umpires. Needed provisions such as meals, snacks and transportation of the varsity athletes are taken care of by the organizing group (high school department, CSCs, and USC) as agreed upon by the two parties.

Participation in Competitions and Invitational Tournaments

The following are the standard procedures to be followed in deciding whether or not to send varsity athletes to competitions, and/or invitational tournaments:

  1. Upon receipt of a letter of invitation, the sports coordinator consults the concerned coaches), decides whether to accept or not the said tournament. If accepted, the coordinator plans and organizes the necessary logistics for the tournament games;
  2. The schedule of the tournament should not be in conflict with the University's major examinations week (Prelims, Midterm, and Final Exams)
  3. The coordinator and coach(es) determine the varsity athletes and under - trainees who will join the tournament based on the criteria set;
  4. The budget allocated for the tournament must be within the approved sports budget by the University;
  5. The coordinator endorses the request to OSA Dean, AVP-SSA, AVP for Finance and the University President for final approval.

Sports Scholarships

The University grants 25% to 100% tuition fee discount, free uniforms and transportation allowances to all varsity athletes in High School and College. The term and coverage of every scholarships grant is renewable every semester.

Qualifications For College Freshmen

Maintenance Requirements

Contact Us


(63) 045-625-5748

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Fax Numbers:

888-2514 - President's Office

888-1754 - Central Purchasing Office

888-1290 - Finance Office

International Calls:

Please dial (+63-45) plus telephone number.

National Calls:

Please dial (045) plus telephone number.


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09176320339 (Globe)

Director, Student Affairs

Iris Ann G. Castro

 Local 1150
University Sports Coordinator

Ryan T. Sabinian

 Local 1232