HAU's Mission and Donors' Engagement Program in Response to Students Connectivity and Access Challenges

The HAU's Mission and Donors' Engagement Program primarily aims to provide devices and connectivity assistance to HAU students. Target beneficiaries are: students in remote areas without access to internet connection; students who have no suitable devices required for online classes; students in need of assistance/tutorials in online education; and students whose parents have become economically displaced due to the pandemic.

University-wide and Department Based Initiatives

Connectivity Modes:

  • Share-a-Net (Provision of Wi-Fi or internet access)
  • Share-a-Load (Provision of internet load - prepaid, postpaid, or load allowance)
  • Share-a-Device (Donation of new and/or used but functional devices - personal computer, laptop, netbook, tablet, and/or mobile/cellular phone suitable for use in online classes)

You may download the forms through the following links:

For those who would like to participate in the donation drive, you may donate through bank deposits, online deposits, or check donations payable to Holy Angel University to any of the following bank accounts:

bank of the philippine islands (bpi)

SA# 9683-0123-32

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)

SA# 1-332-42037-9


SA# 370-0011215

Banco De Oro (bdo)

SA# 00-5230-00325-2

Philippine National Bank (pnb)

SA# 238-7414-00015

HAU employee donors may also opt to:

  • Deposit their cash donations to the H@UweConnect Account at the HAU Finance Office, or
  • Submit their accomplished Authority to Deduct Form for donations via Salary Deduction Scheme.

Note: Kindly email the accomplished donor’s form along with your proof of donation (deposit slip/bank transaction record, official receipt issued by the HAU-Finance Office, or accomplished Authority to Deduct Form) to HAUweConnect@hau.edu.ph for documentation and acknowledgement purposes. You will also receive an official acknowledgment of the donation made once posted by the HAU-Finance Office.

Other Programs (Capacity Building, Helpline, Technical Assistance)

  • Helpdesk - assistance provided by ITSS for students and employees with technical and troubleshooting concerns
  • Discipline-based, wellness, and other online learning webinars sponsored by Schools, Colleges, BED, and other departments
  • Referrals - assistance through nominating prospective student beneficiaries and/or donors

You may send your queries and other related details/concerns through our email: HAUwecConnect@hau.edu.ph

Student Council Led Initiatives

  • HAUwak-Kamay – a project of the University Student Council, which aims to provide social and connectivity assistance (Contact: jbalilu.hausc@gmail.com; 0920.484.1484)
  • Share-a-Wi-fi – a project of the School of Computing’s Student Council, which provides internet connectivity (Contact: akmdasal.cscsoc@gmail.com)
  • Lend a Hand, Fill a Heart! – a project of the School of Business and Accountancy’s Student Council, which seeks to provide financial and psycho-social support (Contact: HAUCSCSBA1920@gmail.com)

*For queries and concerns regarding donations for student led programs, please, contact the student councils through their Facebook pages.

h@uweconnect program beneficiaries

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