In 1995, University President Dr. Arlyn S. Villanueva, then Dean of the College of Business and Accountancy, applied for a new program, Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM), as the University's response to what she correctly predicted as the next big demand of the market. The Department opened in School Year 1996-1997 with a modest enrollment of 187 students. The course was tentatively put under the charge of the Department of Management and Economics, then chaired by Mr. Elmer A. Palacio. In S.Y. 1998-1999, the newly opened Saint Therese of Lisieux (STL) Hall housed the Department's kitchen laboratory (considered one of the largest in the country) and hotel rooms, among other facilities. The following year, the HRM course was separated from the Department of Management and Economics, with Ms. Rhodora Austria serving as the first full-time chairperson of the HRM Department and Ms. Cecille Romero as the Practicum Coordinator.

Thus, the College of Business and Accountancy then housed four departments, namely, Department of Accountancy, Department of Business Management, Department of Hospitality Management, and Department of Office Administration.

For S.Y. 2004-2005, Ms. Maria Rita Josefina V. Chua took over the position of Chairperson. Ms. Chua, with Ms. Austria as Practicum Coordinator, supervised all preparations for the Preliminary Visit of the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) - a milestone in the history of the College.

In April, 2005, Ms. Gertrude P. Tuazon was assigned as the Department Chairperson. It was during her watch that PAASCU conducted its Formal Survey of the Department.

In response to a need for a more culinary-inclined curriculum, the Department came up with the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Culinary Arts which initially started with a population of 12 students in School Year 2006-2007. Ms. Tuazon undertook curriculum enrichment by implementing the Executive Order 356, in which a new ladderized curriculum contained embedded competency courses under the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

On April 4, 2008, mainly through the efforts of University President Dr. Arlyn S. Villanueva, the Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism programs were among the Business programs in the College of Business and Accountancy and Graduate School of Business that were granted International Accreditation by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). Before her term of office ended, Ms. Tuazon applied the program for Center of Development/Excellence status.

Her successor, Ms. Chrysanta S. Rodriguez served for only a year but her accomplishments include the full implementation of the Ladderized Program, with students taking the requisite institutional testing. Reapplication for the Center of Development/Excellence status was also undertaken during her term. The Department also became of the biggest departments in the University with a student population of 1,926 in S.Y. 2008-2009.

In June, 2009, the University President announced the formal separation of the College of Hospitality Management from the College of Business and Accountancy under the helm of the founding Dean, Gertrude P. Tuazon, with Mr. Tyron W. Yap as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Year Coordinator and Ms. Heide H. Perez as 4th Year Coordinator (including Practicum). At present, there are 2,287 students taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism Management and Culinary Arts Management, making it the second biggest College in the University, next to its matrix, the College of Business and Accountancy.

The College of Hospitality Management offers three (3) four-year courses, namely Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts Management, and Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. The three (3) courses have embedded Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) competency skills such that students earn certificates while pursuing their four- year courses.

The College has established a legacy of excellence and this shall continue even as it formulates new mission and vision statements. On May 7, 2009, the College, operating on international standards in instruction, research and community service, was named the Center of Development in Hotel and Restaurant Management Program - the first school in the Philippines granted the recognition.


A center of excellence in hospitality and tourism management education in Asia-Pacific region.


To provide the students with broad-based views of the service management, hospitality, and tourism disciplines based on the underlying concept of quality service management. 


  • To provide local and international accredited programs that will equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitude to be globally competitive;
  • To recruit and maintain academically and professionally qualified faculty who will make full use of teaching resources to shape and strengthen both classroom and related learning experiences.

Program Offerings


Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Majors in:

  • Accomodations and Lodging Operations
  • Culinary Arts and Kitchen Operations
  • Restaurant and Food Services Operations
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Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

Majors in:

  • Travel and Tour Operations
  • Destination Management
  • Events Management
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Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management

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Doctor of Business Administration with concentration in Hospitality and Tourism Management

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Administration and Staff

Dean, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Dr. Tyron W. Yap
 Local 1402
Program Chair
Prof. Mervyn Maico D. Aldana
 Local 1419
Tourism Coordinator
Prof. Ardee Glenn B. Domingo
 Local 1405
Graduate Program Coordinator
Dr. Nancy D. Megallon
 Local 1005
Practicum Coordinator
Prof. Vella V. Villar
 Local 1333
TESDA Coordinator
Prof. Angelica Joy S. Ramos
 Local 1466
Holy Angel Travel Services Supervisor
Prof. Princess Ann C. Anunciacion
 Local 1331
Café Juan Consultant
Chef Amel Jocson
 Local 1314
Café Juan Assistant Supervisor
Prof. Arnel Kann S. Santos
 Local 1314
Hotel Supervisor, St. Martha Laboratory Hotel
Prof. Bernadette T. Aguas
 Local 1081
Housekeeping Supervisor, St. Martha Laboratory Hotel
Prof. Amee S. David
 Local 1081
Front Office Supervisor, St. Martha Laboratory Hotel
Prof. Jerome Ismael C. Zapata
 Local 1081
College Secretary
Ms. Randyrose M. Cunanan
 Local 1403
Kitchen Laboratory Assistant
Prof. Janiel Joel J. Mendoza
 Local 1407
Computer Laboratory Assistant
Mr. Alvin T. De Jesus
 Local 1408


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