• The Library is primarily for serious study and research only. Loitering is strictly prohibited.
  • ID’s should be worn at all times. No ID, no library transaction.
  • Discipline in the Library
    1. No group discussion is allowed in the General Reading Area.
    2. Cell Phones should be turned into “silent mode” while inside the library premises.
    3. Strictly no food and drinks within the library premises
    4. Proper manner of dressing should be observed.
      • Attire should always be in accordance with the University Policies
      • Take off hats/caps while inside the library premises.
    5. Vandalism & mutilation of library property is strictly prohibited.
      • Chairs should not be tilted or rocked.
    6. Moving of tables, carrels and chairs in not allowed.
    7. The “First-Come-First-Served Basis” is always observed in all library transactions.
  1. The Internet Workstation is for the academic and informative related researches only
  2. User should surrender/submit the Identification Card upon entering.
  3. Usage in on a First-Come, First-Served basis.
  4. Students have unlimited access of Internet thus are requested to use the unit for a maximum of two (2) hour per use.
  5. Allowed access to the following:
    • Internet Research (Academic related)
    • Electronic Journal databases
    • E-books
    • Movies
    • Newspapers in DVD
  6. Saving files/documents using flash drives is not allowed. Files can be sent through personal e-mails.
  7. Installing of unauthorized software is prohibited. Social media sites are blocked for better use of the bandwidth.
  8. Users should proceed to their assigned unit immediately. Companions are not allowed.
  9. Any student found engaging in any of these activities shall be charged as provision of the student’s handbook:
    • Viewing pornographic pictures
    • Tampering of information in the computers
    • Theft and mishandling or abuse of equipment and materials.
  10. TThe following are strictly prohibited in the Internet rooms:
    • Eating, drinking, smoking
    • Any form of discussion
    • Should not be made as a meeting place by any group
  11. Always ask the assistance of the designated personnel if you have any problem on using any of the services the Internet Workstation/Multimedia Station offers.

The University Library has 3 discussion rooms located at the 3rd floor of the library. The rooms serve as venue for researchers to discuss and work together.

  1. The discussion rooms are available for use of all bonafide students, faculty and staff of the University.
  2. Use of the rooms is open to a minimum of 5 persons in a group.
  3. The maximum number of users should not exceed each room’s capacity as follows: DR1, 10; DR2, 16 and DR3, 20.
  4. Use of the rooms is on a first come, first served basis. Those who want to be assured of a room however, may make reservations.
    • Reservation can be made up to one (1) day before the intended date of use at the Office of the Library.
    • The group should choose among themselves a representative who will make reservation.
    • The representative can only book one discussion room per day.
    • ID is required in booking for the rooms.
    • Only groups with a minimum of five (5) members physically present at the specified reservation time shall be allowed to enter the room.
    • The University Library reserves the right to cancel reservation of groups who fail to show up within the first 15 minutes of the scheduled reservation.
  5. To claim for the key, and whiteboard eraser, the group’s representative should present his /her HAU ID card.
  6. Use of the room is limited to a maximum of two (2) hours. Extension of use maybe considered subject to the room’s availability.
  7. User of the room should be held liable for damage and/or losses caused by the negligent use of the facility.
  8. The following are prohibited inside the discussion rooms;
    • Eating
    • Playing cards/ board games/ musical instruments
    • Gambling
    • Leaving personal belongings unattended
    • Bringing in additional chairs and other pieces of furniture
  9. The University Library reserves the right to approve/disapprove use of the discussion rooms.

No loans maybe allowed when any of the books on loan is not returned on due dates. Loan period for books for home use closes two (2) weeks before the start of the final examinations

A book loan or borrowed for three (3) days or one (1) week is non-renewable if it is the only copy available for others to use the same. It may be borrowed again three (3) days after it has been returned

A book can be reserved when it is on loan by filling out a reservation form. Reservation for reserve books to be borrowed overnight maybe made starting from the opening time of the library.

Books for home use maybe reserved for three (3) days. Failure to get the book after the reservation period automatically cancels the reservation.

A lost book should be replaced with the same title. If lost book is found, a fine of P15.00/day is computed from the due date until the date of return, but not exceed the current cost of the book.

Access to e-books, e-journals, internet research, reference materials in CD-ROMs, newspaper in DVD format and educational/inspirational movies can be made at the Multimedia/CD-ROM Station and Internet Workstation.

The loan desk services cease 15 minutes before the closing time of the library in preparation for the next library operation

  1. Only Bonafide College and Graduate students are allowed to borrow AV materials in the library.
  2. Request must be made at least three working days in advance.
  3. All requests for use of AV materials should be within the confines of the university only.
  4. HAU faculty members are allowed to borrow a maximum of three AV materials at one time for classroom instruction and should be returned after three (3) days. Whereas for graduate students, they can borrow three AV materials (2 professional and 1 inspirational) and should be returned after three days. As for college students, they can borrow and use the material in the Multimedia/CD-ROM station or any viewing room within the University but cannot take them out for home use.
  5. Requisitioners/borrowers are responsible for all the borrowed materials. Any lost or damaged material should be replaced with the same title.
  6. The librarian reserves the right to cancel or revoke permits to use AV materials and to suspend in case of misrepresentation and or violation of policies or procedures herein states.
  1. A borrower should reserve materials at least three (3) working days in advance.
  2. Accomplish the request form in duplicate.
  3. Check if audiovisual resources are in good condition before checking them out.
  4. Strictly, return the materials on time/due date to avoid paying overdue fines.
  5. Please handle the materials with care.

Access Fee:P 150.00 for alumni wishing to secure a special library card.

Requirements: For alumni who wish to secure a special library card

  1. Updated alumni card
  2. Clearance from OSSA
  3. Interview with the University Library Director before paying the access fee.
  4. All access fees shall be paid at the Finance Office.



A researcher is not allowed to roam around the campus once inside but to go straight to the library where he desires to stay.

All materials are for room use only. Some may be allowed for photo duplication, some are not.

A special library card is issued to an alumus/alumna is valid only if duly signed by the University Library Director. In case of loss, a duplicate card can be acquired upon payment P 50.00.



Access Fee:

P 100.00 per visit for other visiting researchers if desired resources in print are availed of / acquired

P100.00 – separate fee if e-resources will be accessed


Requirements:For other visiting researchers

  1. Updated referral letter from the Chief Librarian of the originating school for students
  2. Updated referral letter from the office head for professionals.



A researcher is not allowed to roam around the campus once inside but to go straight to the library where he desires to stay.

All materials are for room use only. Some may be allowed for photo duplication, some are not. A maximum of five (5) students per school shall be allowed access on a first come, first served basis.

No visiting researchers/ customers shall be accommodated during periodic examinations and term break.

The University Library Director reserves the right to cancel requests when it’s deemed necessary.


Visiting Schedules:Monday-Friday8:00am-5:00pm

For more information:Please call 888-86-91 local 1453 or 1454