The Holy Angel University (HAU) Library, as a repository center for both print and non-print materials, is tasked to provide varied and accessible library services in support of the University’s curricular and instructional programs towards the development of the whole person through its continuing program of enriching, upgrading and maintaining highly accessible library collections and facilities.  




The Holy Angel University Library is envisioned as a state-of-the-art library in terms of its facilities, collections, services, and competent and qualified professional staff.   




The library is of paramount importance to the students, faculty and researchers of a university.  It is traditionally considered the heart of a school.    Thus, the Library recognizes its role as an instrument of teaching and research in the campus.  It collects the records of civilization and documents of scientific pursuit.  It also offers various programs to teach or assist users in the retrieval and use of these records and documents.  The organization of all materials and other resources, the facilities provided, and the selection training and management of the staff are all geared toward the fulfilment of the roles.  

General objectives of the library department are the following:  

  1. To provide and maintain an adequate, up-to-date and relevant collection of resources in support of the curricular programs, instructional activities, research and information needs of the faculty and students in the University’s graduate, undergraduate, and basic education programs,
  3. To provide maximum customer utilization of and satisfaction with the resources, facilities, and services of the Unit Libraries; and  
  4. To collaborate with the different units of the University in achieving the University’s goals and strategic objectives of academic quality and organizational resiliency, community and innovation, people management, and character and spirituality.  

Specific Objectives: Towards the attainment of the general objectives, the library commits itself to continuously:

  1. Update and strengthen the existing library collection with focus on adequacy, relevance/usefulness, quality, and recency of materials.
  2. Perform efficient technical and mechanical processing of acquired library materials with focus on effective information storage and retrieval 
  3. Improve the facilities, equipment, and physical layout of the libraries according to set standards.  
  4. Improve and innovate readers’ services and attain optimum utilization of library resources and services by customers. 
  5. Operate on an adequate budgetary allocation and attain efficient budgetary performance. 
  6. Strengthen the library’s linkage, partnership and networking with other libraries and external entities; and 
  8. Collaborate with the other units of the University in endeavors related to the pursuit of accreditation, standardization, and certification.