Advocacies and Programs

Book Exhibit

Book exhibit is organize yearly where the library department invites several book dealers to display their materials wherein the students, faculty and employees of the university may assist the library in choosing/selecting library materials to be added in the collection.

National Book Week Celebration

The library regularly celebrates National Book Week thru several activities like book exhibit, trivia challenge and other related activities. The High School Library and LES Library likewise celebrate it with a variety of programs and related events.

Top Borrowers

The Library recognizes the top borrowers for the student and faculty with most number of books borrowed for the month. The winners are given library token. This activity encourages library users to borrow more and read more.

Co-Sponsorship to Regional Library Organizations

The Library Department is participates in several activities of local library organizations thru co-sponsorship. This is a way to market and advertise the library and the school as well.

Attending National Book Fairs

The Library Staff regularly attend Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) and ABAP Book Fair. This is an opportunity to select and acquire relevant books to be added to the library collection. Students and Faculty Library Committee also join the activity for they help/assists the librarians in selecting books for their respective colleges.

Community Services (Extension Services)

Assistance is rendered on how to properly organize public libraries and storytelling to children in coordination with the Office of Community and Extension Services (OCES).