1. By appointment
    1. Reservation should be made for borrowing/returning library materials.
    2. The University library will only allow a number of persons to enter the library.
    3. Send the following information in advance thru email or HAU Library FB page messenger:
      1. Name/Department/Employee or Student no./mobile no.
      2. Title of material/s you intend to borrow (you can use our OPAC remotely for searching). This part is not applicable for returning materials.
      3. Date and time, you intend to visit the library.
    4. The borrower will be notified via instant messaging or email when the requested materials are available and if the intended date of visit is permitted.

      NOTE: FOR PARENTS/GUARDIANS who wish to borrow/return library materials in behalf of their children, please observe the following guidelines:

      • Must communicate in advance before going to the library (please see guidelines 1, 3 and 4)
      • Bring any identification card as well with your child’s school ID
  2. Book Loan Renewal

    Renewal of books can be made through online communication with the librarian/s in-charge of the unit.

  3. Walk in users (Faculty only)
    1. Search books through OPAC (PC is provided near the counter) or prepared list before going to the library through remote OPAC
    2. Give the list to the Librarian at the counter
    3. The Librarian will pull out the books from the stack
    4. The books will be charge out to your account
    5. After signing, a receipt will be issued to you.
    Borrowing policies Circulation and Filipiniana for Circulation Reserve Non-Print material
    Faculty 10 books, 2 weeks  3 AVM, 2 weeks
    Graduate School 10 books, 2 weeks 2 books, 1 week  
    Non-graduating 5 books, 1 week 2 books, 1 week  
    Graduating Students 7 books, 1 week 2 books, 1 week  
    Senior High School 5 books, 1 week 2 books, 1 week  
  4. Staying inside the Library

    Library users may stay in the library for one hour by schedule. The guidelines are the following:

    1. Make appointment to visit the library (email or FB messenger)
    2. Inform the librarians what resources to use for advance preparations
    3. There will be 4 designated areas to stay, 2 in the 3rd floor Reading area, 2 in the 3rd floor reading area.
    4. Librarians will be the one to get the resources in the stack area.
    5. Used materials will be put in a designated box.