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Program Description

Degree Name

The degree program described herein shall be called bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics(BSEd-Mathematics)


Nature of the Field of Study

The Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) major in Mathematics is an undergraduate teacher education program designed to equip learners with adequate and relevant learning competencies to teach Mathematics in the secondary level.


Degree / Program Goals

The BSEd major in Mathematics program aims to develop highly motivated and competent teachers specializing in the content and pedagogy for Mathematics teaching.

Course Description

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Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

After finishing the program, the pre-service teacher will be able to:

  1. Exhibit competence in mathematical concepts and procedures;
  2. Exhibit proficiency in relating mathematics to other curricular areas;
  3. Manifest meaningful and comprehensive pedagogical content knowledge of Mathematics;
  4. Demonstrate competence in designing, constructing and utilizing different forms of assessment in mathematics;
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in problem solving by solving and creating routine and non- routine problems with different levels of complexity;
  6. Use effectively appropriate approaches , methods and techniques in teaching mathematics including technological tools; and
  7. Apply mathematics in creative work, research, discovery and gaining insights of the world.
  8. Engage in lifelong learning and understanding of the need to keep abreast of the developments in the field of secondary education.
  9. Display professional, social, and ethical responsibility
  10. Demonstrate appreciation of "Filipino historical and cultural heritage"

Curriculum flowchart

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Career Opportunities

What Can You do with a Math Degree?

Math plays a vital role in science, technology, finance, aviation, communications and countless other industries. But, what can you do with a math degree can actually be flipped to “What can’t you do with a math degree?” since so many of today’s knowledge-based careers require excellence and aptitude in mathematics and quantitative reasoning. These careers also emphasize logical problem solving, critical thinking and decision making, skills honed through the study of math.

Here we help math majors better understand their educational and career options. The following are the top Jobs You Can Get With a Math Degree:

Mathematician - Mathematician is the most obvious of all math major jobs. A mathematician is someone who enjoys solving problems through numerical analysis. You might find yourself researching new theories and concepts, developing mathematical models, or analyzing data to solve business problems.

Statistician - Working as statistician means dealing with data and helping to find practical solutions to problems. Statisticians interpret data and communicate results to their clients, often with the aid of mathematical techniques and software. In this role you'll ensure that complex statistical concepts are explained in a way the client can understand, and advise on strategy. Some studies take only a few months to complete, while others require years of work.

Math Teacher/Professor - As a secondary school teacher you can teach a subject you love and engage pupils in learning and preparing for their future. Prepare and deliver lessons to classes of different ages and abilities. Mark work, give appropriate feedback and maintain records of pupils' progress and development

Actuary - As an actuary you'll learn how to analyse data, evaluate financial risks and communicate this information to non-specialists. Using mathematical modelling techniques and statistical concepts to determine probability and assess risks, such as analysing pension scheme liabilities, to price commercial insurance

Market Researcher - What products should companies sell, and how can they promote them? These are the kinds of questions that market researchers strive to answer. They use their statistical analysis skills to figure out what products people want to buy and how much they are willing to pay for them.

Financial Planner - Helping people manage their investments and meet their financial goals is a rewarding way to put your mathematical know-how into action. You might help people set up a college fund or structure their investments for retirement.

Data Analyst - A career as a data analyst will suit you if you are highly analytical, have strong mathematical skills and are curious and inquisitive. Develop records management processes and policies

Partners and Linkages

  • Francisco G. Nepomuceno High School
  • Chevalier School
  • Rafael L. Lazatin Memorial High School Main/ Extension
  • Rafael L. Lazatin Memorial High School - Annex
  • Claro M. Recto-Information and Communication High School
  • Sto. Domingo Integrated School
  • Telabastagan Integrated School
  • Sindalan Elementary School
  • Sindalan High School
  • ICT-Sindalan
  • Holy Angel University Basic Education Dept.
  • Westfields International School