CCJEF Unveils New Digital Forensics Laboratory, Empowering the Next Generation of Investigators

College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics

May 19, 2023

The College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics (CCJEF) has unveiled a state-of-the-art Digital Forensics Laboratory that aims to equip aspiring student-investigators with the tools and knowledge of the digital age. The laboratory was designed and developed at par with international standards and promised to revolutionize digital investigations.  
As cybercrime becomes increasingly sophisticated, the need for skilled digital investigators is more critical than ever. CCJEF is taking a proactive approach to nurture the next generation of cyber sleuths by providing students access to this cutting-edge laboratory.
It is equipped with a wide array of tools, and resources tailored to the needs of aspiring digital forensic investigators. Advanced software allows students to recover and examine data from various digital devices, reconstruct timelines of events, and analyze network traffic.  
More importantly, the laboratory provides an immersive learning environment where students can unravel the mysteries hidden within digital evidence. It was designed to simulate real-world investigative scenarios. The Criminology and Forensic Science students will be able to work with mock cases, analyze digital evidence, and present their findings in a courtroom-style setting.  
"The new digital forensics laboratory is a game-changer for Criminal Justice Education. It aims to empower students with practical skills and hands-on experience in the ever-evolving field of Digital Forensics. It bolsters our commitment to providing our students with hands-on, practical experiences that will prepare them for the demands of the digital age" Dr. Niño M. Kabiling the CCJEF Dean said.