Pre-service teachers take the Oath

School of Education

February 8, 2023


HAU-SEd held its inaugural Pinning Ceremony for Batch 2023 last January 27 at the SJH Academic Hall in honor of the graduating teachers' commitment to professionalism and continual learning as they step up for the internship.

Graduating students pledged to an Oath of Professionalism of Pre-Service Teachers under the direction of Dr. Raymond Patterson, the college's supervisor of SEd interns and faculty, after receiving printed pins to commemorate the fulfillment of their teaching practicum.

In the introductory remarks, Dr. Alma Natividad, dean of the School of Education, said that the pinning ceremony represents the graduating educators' accomplishments in completing the academic requirements, along with the trust given to pre-service teachers by Hau-SEd as they prepared to manage and facilitate their classes.

“The pin is not just an ornament or a part or decoration to complete your uniform. May the pin may always remind you of your mission as future educators" she added.

The pinning ceremony serves as a symbolic and lasting tradition for all pre-service teachers as Allana Zamora, a 4th-year student from a Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English (BSED) stated. She also continued "And on the day that I received my pin, I started to realize that this is only the beginning and I am looking forward to all the experiences in the future that's ahead of me". 

Certain SEd administrators, including the Chairperson, Dr. Mutya Paulino also graced the ceremony to express their support by sending a message to the graduating teachers that they can use in their teaching practices and journey, along with the Vice President of Academic Affairs of the University, Dr. Al D. Biag, who gave an inspirational message. 

Prior to the proper pinning, the Practice Teaching Uniform Committee (PTUC) were honored for their dedication and efforts to head the Practice Teaching Uniform and necessities formed by the Chairperson of SEd, Johannes De Guzman.

Earlier that day, the graduating students, their parents, and the SEd faculty gathered at the HAU Chapel at 9 a.m. for the Send Off Mass with Fr. Mark Anthony Torre Carreon who presided over the liturgy.

The practice teaching students are now allowed to start their internship at the same university.