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HAU offers various academic programs from basic education, undergraduate, to postgraduate levels. Regardless of the area of discipline you choose, HAU is committed to provide transformative education to make a difference, hone your values, and develop your capabilities. 

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SEd Dean participates on benchmarking and cultural immersion in Brunei

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HAU Joins the Prestigious Uniservitate Network as a Champion of Service-Learning

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HAU-CCJEF successfully concluded the 4th Forensic Science and Criminal Justice International Lecture Series

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Of the few Catholic universities in Asia, there is one university known not just for academic excellence, but also for its brand of accessible education that transforms lives — Holy Angel University, in predominantly Catholic Philippines. We, at HAU, believe in fostering a faithful Catholic education that empowers students to become persons of conscience, competence and compassion—socially responsible citizens that will positively impact our world. 

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Welcome back, Angelites!

For over two years since the COVID-19 pandemic, Holy Angel University has worked hard to retrofit its campus facilities and buildings to carefully bring back students for the classroom experience while following strict health and safety protocols. Now that we are reopening the campus for limited face-to-face laboratory classes, Watch this video to be guided on the protocols and reminders during your stay at the campus grounds.