About Us

The Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines, Holy Angel University – Student Chapter,
implore the guidance of the Divine Providence in order to establish an organization that will promote
the genuine welfare of the student members in their common pursuit for academic excellence and to
enhance one's skill and knowledge towards the development of the community, in mutual cooperation,
understanding, peace and friendship, do hereby ordain and promulgate this constitution.

Brief History

The IECEP was organized in 1950 by the group of pioneers in the field of Electronics and
Communications in the country. They were, Dean Jose S. Alfonso, who served as the founding
president of the organization, Mamerto Buenafe, Fred Carino, Ciriaco Coronel, Jose Grey,
Alfredo Gella, Ariston Hulinga, Gonzalo Kamantigue, Albino Lara and Venancio Pineda.
IECEP was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the name of
“Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines, Inc.” The organization still retains its
acronym “IECEP.”

Membership Requirements and Procedures

Section 1. The organization's membership is open to all Electronics Engineering students.
Section 2. During the first semester of the school year, application forms will be made available to all
interested ECE students.
Membership in the organization shall be effective only upon:
a) Completion of all application documents
b) Approval of the application by the Executive Board
c) Induction Upon effectivity of membership, orientation period immediately follows, during which time;
the new member will be made acquainted with the provisions set by the Executive Board, the activities
of the organization and the organization's constitution.
Section 3. Any member, who decides to shift to another course or terminate his/her enrollment with
the School of Engineering and Architecture, automatically terminates his/her membership with the
organization, or if he/she expelled from the University, he/she shall automatically be expelled from the
organization. Any member found guilty of acts which may be deemed unworthy of being an IECEP
member, or injurious to the organization's name and interest, may be expelled from the organization by
a vote of at least two thirds (2/3) of all members of the Executive Board.

Members and Officers

Members: All of the Electronics and Communication Engineering students of Holy Angel
University S.Y. 2020 – 2021 are considered an IECEP member because there was no registration
form that was release during this term.
President: Ezikier Jan Galang
VP External: Beatriz Lei Bagang
VP Internal: Nowel Ian Pare
VP Academics: Maiko T. Sigua
Secretary: Jerico Agulto
Asst. Secretary-General: Lanzel Magcalas
Treasurer: Verneil Batiller
Auditor: Eriane Santos
Public Information Officer: Jonas Ian Tayag
2nd Year Representative: Timothy Paul Waje
2nd Year Representative: Ynah Frix G. Ronquillo
3rd Year Representative: Aerhon Yuzon
3rd Year Representative: Jay Seann Bato

Contact Details

Mobile Number: 09216820226 / 09291265356
Officer Address:
Sto. Rosario St. Angeles City, Philippines. 2009.
Social Media Accounts: