Organization Description:

Juris Orbis is the premiere law organization of Holy Angel University,
has been serving the legal management and legally-interested students of the
 School of Business and accountancy ever since its conception way back in 2010.

Brief History:

Through the years, Juris Orbis has been the bastion of unwavering support for many of its loyal members. The organization showed its resilience and proved that it could provide a place of excellent service and leadership time and time again.

On the 12th of August 2010, after a school assembly at OB Montessori where Hezekiah D. Nicdao was encouraging students to enroll in Holy Angel University (HAU), Dr. Jesus D. Panlilio, the University Registrar, approached him and suggested to start an organization for legal management students. It was then that the idea of a new organization came into being.

Being an LM student, Nicdao knew that there would come a time when HAU will create a Law school in the future and that an organization was necessary. However, if he were to create a new organization, it would be infeasible for it to become independent from the Management Society (ManSoc) — the leading organization for management students at that time. To add, he did not have the time, resources, nor money to develop an autonomous organization. Nevertheless, he pursued his dream and made it so that his organization members could still join ManSoc or the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA). On the 11th of July, The Office of Student Affairs accredited his organization under the name, “Juris Orbis”.

Nicdao became its first President from 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 (The first Constitution called the JO head, President. The title CEO was introduced in A.Y. 2013-2014). During its first year, he was with Jowee Ann Canlas as Vice President, Chaundra Vanessa Bautista as Adjutor (Secretary), and Mhariel Charisse Lo-ot and Unica Lapuz as Exchequers (Treasurers).

With only 18 members at that time, JO was still a small voice in comparison to ManSoc and JPIA. However, with the help of their fellow student organizations, they were able to find a way to grow.

With the big help of the CSC, through the leadership of the then Chairman Marc Jemel Angeles,  Juris Orbis was made to feel on equal footing with JPIA and ManSoc, and in working with the Dean’s Office. The equal footing [that] The Enterprise and the CSC gave to JO in newsprint and events made it more visible and familiar to more students. Through JO’s Management Advisor Claudia Cayanan and Law Advisor Atty. Angela Abrea, the organization was able to introduce better to the faculty.

Membership Requirements/Procedures:

Member and membership are referred to in JO as Fellow and Fellowship,
respectively. Juris Orbis is accepting members for all students of School of Business and Accountancy. To become a bona fide member of Juris Orbis, the member will not pay any membership fees and will only register to the registration form provided by the organization which will then be verified by an email containing his/her e-membership card.

Before the pandemic, the organization requires its members to pay a registration fee worth two hundred and eighty pesos (P280.00) to finance the events and activities that the organization will offer. This payment will be paid to the Finance team of Juris Orbis will be given an official receipt as an evidence signed by the Chief Financial Officer of the organization.