About Us

The Holy Angel University Psychology Society is a college-based under the School of Arts of Sciences. It is the official student organization of BS Psychology majors in Holy Angel University. It is the mission of the organization to promote Psychology as a profession through various advocacy campaign, to serve as a linkage between undergraduates and alumni through collaboration, to promote academic excellence through seminar/webinar/workshops, trainings and academic for a. Furthermore, the organization aims to serve as a family and a unifying body for the whole Psychology Unit of this institution, to assist in attending to the academic and co-curricular needs of the Psychology students, to instill social awareness, and to promote involvement to its members. 

Brief History

HAU Psychology Society was established in 2003 but it was until 2005-2006 that the organization has been accredited at OSA. HAU PsychSoc also produced several leaders that would then be successful in the field of Psychology. Furthermore, the organization hosted and held different events, in the department, university wide, and regionally. HAU PsychSoc also attended national conventions for Psychology majors such as PAPJA Convention. In its 18th year, the organization still continues to give its best to deliver a meaningful 4 years for the psychology students, both academically, and extra-curricular. 

Membership Requirements and Procedures

Membership is open and upheld as a duty to all Psychology students of this university. All members of the HAU PsychSoc shall be:

  • Bona fide Psychology majors of HAU
  • Regular or irregular students
  • Registered with a membership fee (However, because the academic year is done through online classes, the organization made the membership fee free as long as the student is a Psychology major of this institution).

Members and Officers


Bianca Camille R. Banog, MA, LPT
Primary Mentor

Cheanne Delaney Lapuz

Jamie Ann Salonga

Syryn Andrea De Guzman

Sophia Nikka Garcia

Ivan Pangilinan

Princess Ericka Serrano

Jiel Halili

Kasandra Pearl Gloria
Scholastic Director

Leila Francine Dimacali
Recreational Director


Contact Information