About Us

Holy Angel Student Catholic Action (HASCA), a local affiliated organization of the Student Catholic Action of the Philippines (SCAP), is a systematized group of Catholic students at Holy Angel University

Brief History

Holy Angel Student Catholic Action (HASCA) is a local chapter of Student Catholic Action of the Philippines (SCAP). It was established in the year 1982 at Holy Angel University by Ms. Myrna Iral. From 2011-Present, it’s reviving founder is Mr. Ednel Datu.

Membership Requirements and Procedures

Section 1: Requirements – For a student to be a member, he/she:

            1.1 Must be a bona fide student of Holy Angel University,

            1.2 Must be a Catholic;

            1.3 Must be willing and able to serve Christ through the Student Catholic Action.

Section 2: Stages Towards Full-fledged Membership (In accordance to SCAP Operations Manual) – All students desiring to become full-fledged members of this Organization shall first go through stages of membership.

            2.1 Stage 1 – After a period of promotion and campaign, interested students shall be gathered for one-day orientation about SCA and fellowship called “eSCAPade”. Those who will fill out the membership form after the activity shall be called Applicants.

            2.2 Stage 2 – Applicants shall be interviewed by a pool of SCA leaders who shall evaluate their intention of joining the movement. Depending on their committed schedule and/or availability, they shall be assigned to a cell group. They shall complete the series of orientation and catechesis offered in the Preparatory Cell Meetings (PCM) to become Aspirants. A Prayer Ritual of Acceptance for all aspirants shall culminate the PCM.

            2.3 Stage 3 – A close encounter with the movement is the next part. The aspirants who have completed the PCM shall advance to the Basic Orientation Workshop (BOW), where the orientation shall be deepened in the movement’s spirituality, its national identity and its internationality. Participants who have finished the BOW shall be called Militants.

            2.4 Stage 4 – Final Stage towards full-fledge membership are of two parts:

                        2.4.1 All militants shall attend a Recollection on Christ’s Leadership where they shall be asked if they are willing to embrace and to live into His challenge: “Come and Follow Me!”

                        2.4.2 On the Solemnity of Christ the King (SCA Feast Day), all militants who have accepted Christ as King and Model of Leadership shall be commissioned as full-fledge SCA members. Those who will not fulfill the requirements may be commissioned in January during the Epiphany.

Section 3: Withdrawal of Membership – Any member may withdraw his/her membership anytime by submitting a written notice of his/her withdrawal to the secretary. His/her written notice of the withdrawal from the organization shall be forwarded to the President.

Section 4: Expulsion of Member – Any member may be suspended for a definite period of time or permanently be expelled from the organization by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the active members and the officers after a fair hearing has been made if he/she:

            4.1 Fails to comply with the rules and regulations of the Organization;

            4.2 Violates the Constitution and By Laws;

            4.3 Makes improper and/or illegal use of the name of the Organization;

            4.4 Shows disrespect to the other members, officers, authorities and to the Organization;

            4.5 Fails to fulfill assigned duties and responsibilities.

Contact Details

Contact information 

Mobile Number: 0926 783 1794

Email: hascahau@gmail.com

Office address: Holy Angel University

Social media account: https://www.facebook.com/hasca.hau