About Us

It is composed of officers duly elected by the student belonging to their particular
college. The CSC is separate and independent from the USC. College-based
organizations shall send one representative each to their respective CSC as honorary
members of the Council. This is to assert the supremacy of the CSC as the highest
student governing body in the college and to ensure unity and cooperation among all
student groups within the college.

Brief History

In 1995, University President Dr. Arlyn S. Villanueva, then Dean of the College of
Business and Accountancy, applied for a new program, Hotel and Restaurant
Management (HRM), as the University's response to what she correctly predicted as the
next big demand of the market. The Department opened in School Year 1996-1997 with
a modest enrollment of 187 students. The course was tentatively put under the charge
of the Department of Management and Economics, then chaired by Mr. Elmer A.
Palacio. In S.Y. 1998-1999, the newly opened Saint Therese of Lisieux (STL) Hall
housed the Department's kitchen laboratory (considered one of the largest in the
country) and hotel rooms, among other facilities. The following year, the HRM course
was separated from the Department of Management and Economics, with Ms. Rhodora
Austria serving as the first full-time chairperson of the HRM Department and Ms. Cecille
Romero as the Practicum Coordinator.
Thus, the College of Business and Accountancy then housed four departments, namely,
Department of Accountancy, Department of Business Management, Department of
Hospitality Management, and Department of Office Administration.
For S.Y. 2004-2005, Ms. Maria Rita Josefina V. Chua took over the position of
Chairperson. Ms. Chua, with Ms. Austria as Practicum Coordinator, supervised all
preparations for the Preliminary Visit of the Philippine Accrediting Association of
Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) - a milestone in the history of the
In April, 2005, Ms. Gertrude P. Tuazon was assigned as the Department Chairperson. It
was during her watch that PAASCU conducted its Formal Survey of the Department.
In response to a need for a more culinary-inclined curriculum, the Department came up
with the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Culinary Arts which

initially started with a population of 12 students in School Year 2006-2007. Ms. Tuazon
undertook curriculum enrichment by implementing the Executive Order 356, in which a
new ladderized curriculum contained embedded competency courses under the
Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).
On April 4, 2008, mainly through the efforts of University President Dr. Arlyn S.
Villanueva, the Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism programs were among
the Business programs in the College of Business and Accountancy and Graduate
School of Business that were granted International Accreditation by the International
Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). Before her term of office ended,
Ms. Tuazon applied the program for Center of Development/Excellence status.
Her successor, Ms. Chrysanta S. Rodriguez served for only a year but her
accomplishments include the full implementation of the Ladderized Program, with
students taking the requisite institutional testing. Reapplication for the Center of
Development/Excellence status was also undertaken during her term. The Department
also became of the biggest departments in the University with a student population of
1,926 in S.Y. 2008-2009.
In June, 2009, the University President announced the formal separation of the College
of Hospitality Management from the College of Business and Accountancy under the
helm of the founding Dean, Gertrude P. Tuazon, with Mr. Tyron W. Yap as 1st, 2nd, and
3rd Year Coordinator and Ms. Heide H. Perez as 4th Year Coordinator (including
Practicum). At present, there are 2,287 students taking up Hotel and Restaurant
Management, Tourism Management and Culinary Arts Management, making it the
second biggest College in the University, next to its matrix, the College of Business and
The College of Hospitality Management offers three (3) four-year courses, namely
Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Bachelor of Science in
Culinary Arts Management, and Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. The
three (3) courses have embedded Technical Education and Skills Development
Authority (TESDA) competency skills such that students earn certificates while pursuing
their four- year courses.
The College has established a legacy of excellence and this shall continue even as it
formulates new mission and vision statements. On May 7, 2009, the College, operating
on international standards in instruction, research and community service, was named
the Center of Development in Hotel and Restaurant Management Program - the first
school in the Philippines granted the recognition.

Membership Requirements and Procedures


Sec.1. College Student Councils, herein after referred to as CSC, is an independent and
duly constituted central student organization or a unit that offers at least a bachelor’s
degree program.
Sec.2. The CSC is the supreme governing body in the College that shall ensure unity
and cooperation among student groups within its jurisdiction.
Sec.3. The CSC shall be autonomous in the management of its own internal affairs and
in the implementation of its programs and activities. However, in the conduct of
university-wide activities, the CSC shall coordinate said activities with the USC.
Sec.4. COMPOSITION. The CSC of each college shall be composed of the
Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and eight Councilors duly elected by their respective
constituents. However, if population of the College exceeded three thousand students,
the CSC shall have an additional two councilors elected in the same way as the others.
Sec.5. The members of the CSC shall be elected in accordance with the provisions of
this Constitution.
Sec.6. The CSC must elect the following positions at the minimum: Secretary, Finance
Officer, Press Officer and Business Manager. The election shall be held in a meeting

called for that purpose. The nominee garnering the highest votes in a quorum of two-
thirds shall win the elective position.

Sec.7. The Chairperson is the chief executive officer of the CSC in their respective
College and shall have the following duties and responsibilities:
(a) convene and preside over all meetings of their respective council;
(b) delegate task to the members of the council;
(c) inform and update the council of all activities and involvement of the CSC;
(d) set the plan and schedule of activities of the council;
(e) communicate the plans, programs and activities of the council to their respective
faculty Adviser/Moderator and Dean of the College and of the Student Affairs;

(f) head and monitor the activities of the Class Presidents’ League (CPL)
(g) approve all cash disbursements of the council;
(h) sign letters, communication papers and other pertinent documents of the council;
(i) perform such duties necessary or incidental to the discharge and performance of the
functions of his office.
Sec.8. The Vice-Chairperson shall assume powers and functions of the Chairperson in
the absence or incapacity of the latter and shall among others:
(a) monitor the activities and performance of the council members and see to it that
tasks assigned to them are being accomplished
(b) coordinate the activities of the council to the college-based organizations
(c) perform other functions as the Chairperson may assign
Sec.9. The Finance Officer shall have the same duty as that of a USC Treasurer as
enumerated in Sec.9 of Art.VI of this Constitution.
Sec.10. The Secretary shall have the duty to:
(a) keep all the minutes of meetings and proceedings of the council;
(b) prepare letters and memos of the council;
(c) receive and file all papers and correspondence of the council;
(d) prepare the calendar of activities of the council and remind them of the schedule;
(e) post important announcements or ads in the council board.
Sec.11. The Business Manager shall have the same duty as that of USC Property
Manager as enumerated in Sec.13 of Art.VI of this Constitution and in addition shall:
(a) replenish from time to time the needed supplies of the council subject to the
approval of the Chairperson
(b) responsible for the reservation of facilities and equipment needed by the council
Sec.12. The Press Officer shall:
(a) be responsible in the promotion of the programs and activities of the council;
(b) inform their constituents the undertakings of the council, whenever necessary;
(c) act as the spokesperson of the council.
Sec.13. The Chairperson shall form committees according to the needs of the college
and appoint any councilor to head such.

Sec.14. The Committee Heads shall perform their duties within the meaning and scope
of the authority defined by the Chairperson.
Sec.15. The Councilors shall perform other relevant duties the Chairperson may assign

Membership and Officers

Chairperson : Regala, Azalea B.
Vice-Chairperson : Kim, Seji
Councilor : Navarro, Jasmin Anne Louise G.
Dizon, Alliah Glycelle R.
Ibardolaza, Jessica R.
Palma, Joseph Nathaniel S.
Sambajon, Angel S.