About Us

PHILIPPINE SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS HOLY ANGEL UNIVERSITY JUNIOR UNIT is the official student organization of the mechanical engineering students of Holy Angel University. It was established in the year 1969 and has been functioning since then.

Membership Requirements and Procedures

An applicant for membership should observe strictly the following criteria:

  • A bon a fide first year, with good moral standing, Mechanical Engineering student of Holy Angel University. 
  • Submission of duly accomplished membership application.
  • Payment of Php 500.00 for new members, Php 450.00 for old members.
  • The applicant shall be considered a regular member of the PSME after pledging the oath of loyalty, before the president and administering officers during the Induction Ceremonies. 

“...I, (state the name), after having been chosen as member the PHILIPPINE SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS (PSME), HOLY ANGEL UNIVERSITY (HAU) - JUNIOR UNIT, do hereby solemnly swear that I will defend the constitution and by-laws of the society: that I will do my duty towards God, my country and fellowmen and lastly; that I will impose upon myself the aforementioned duties and obligations voluntarily and without reservation or purpose of evasion, so help me God.”

Members and Officers




Name: Sevilla, Trina Valencia

Year: 3rd year

Position: President

Contact no.: +63 999 910 1043

Email Address: trinavsevilla@gmail.com


Name: Tuazon, Yvette Yaya

Year: 2nd year

Position: Vice President for Internal Affairs

Contact no.: +63 926 656 0255

Email Address: yvettetuazon0915@gmail.com

Name: Mallari, Bryan Jonathan Alquero

Year: 3rd year

Position: Vice President for External Affairs

Contact no.: +63 915 042 3600

Email Address: bryanjmallari@gmail.com


Name: Bingcang, Joseph Carlo Manalili

Year: 2nd year

Position: Secretary

Contact no.: +63 947 485 5968

Email Address: josecarlo0125@gmail.com


Name: Ebrahim Maki, Hassan Reese Pineda

Year: 3rd year

Position: Treasurer

Contact no.: +63 922 380 2571

Email Address: hassanreese99@gmail.com


Name: Caparas, Zynel Sanchez

Year: 2nd year

Position: Auditor

Contact no.: +63 995 503 4581

Email Address: caparaszynel5@gmail.com


Name: Linezo, Francis Neil Lumanog

Year: 2nd year

Position: Public Relations Officer

Contact no.: +63 906 570 9071

Email Address: francisneillinezo@gmail.com


Name: Capati, Mervyn Bringas

Year: 2nd year

Position: Logistics

Contact no.: +63 916 620 6605

Email Address: mervyn_capati28@yahoo.com


Name: Castro, Philip Joshua del Rosario

Year: 3rd year

Position: Minister for Sports

Contact no.: +63 919 525 5081

Email Address: castrophilipjoshua@gmail.com


Name: Yambao, Rolly Tonfort Garcia

Year: 3rd year

Position: Minister for Outreach

Contact no.: +63 977 318 5756

Email Address: yambaorollytonfort@gmail.com

Name: Padilla, Ian Geoff Pangilinan

Year: 2nd year

Position: Minister for Academics

Contact no.: +63 998 244 3820

Email Address: iankarlpadilla.25@gmail.com


Name: Recoco, Lex Christian Onceno

Year: 2nd year

Position: Minister for Business Management

Contact no.: +63 915 210 1995

Email Address: lrecoco17@gmail.com

Contact Details

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onePSMEHAU

Email Address: one.mehau@gmail.com

Contact No.: +63 999 910 1043