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The Solution, the official student publication of the School of Engineering and Architecture aims to (a) Uphold the ethics of journalism; (b) Work for the professionalization and independence of the The Solution; (c) Defend and advance students’ and peoples’ rights and welfare; (d) Promote social consciousness among the students and the Filipino people in general; (e) Extend services and assistance, upon request, to college and/or other campus publications; and (f) Promote understanding and cooperation, and work closely with organizations and individuals of similar objectives.

Brief History

The Philippines was still recuperating from the painful traces of the Marcos regime when the School of Engineering and Architecture of Holy Angel University, Angeles City gave birth to an institution that would advance the rights and welfare of the engineering populace. In June of 1986, student leaders Renato David and Ronaldo Juanatas spear headed the setting of a student publication in the college. It was their noble task to carry out their endeavor as they deemed a student publication as the only medium where the students please and concerns would be best heard-out. The two leaders went through a very tiring and deciding job on how they will be able to form a publication with a firm foundation of principles and vehement idealism and patriotism.

The members contemplated on what particular word was the most commonly used in engineering and likewise depicted a positive connotation when uttered. The term SOLUTION became popular after a series of consultations with both the students and the faculty. Hence, it was adapted and became the banner of the School of Engineering and Architecture Official Student Publication.

Since then, The Solution has been serving as a gateway for the engineering students in promoting their democratic rights. It also became a source of information especially with regards to the undertaking of the college.

Membership Requirements and Procedures

The following membership requirements and procedures is from The Solution’s Constitution and By Laws:



Section 1. Editorial Board

  1. All staff with one (1) year tenure in the publication will be eligible to take the editorial board exam given at the 2nd semester of each academic year
  2. An exception will be given in the above provision if the eligible staff are few to fill in the regular positions of the editor including:
    1. Editor-in-Chief
    2. Associate Editor
    3. Managing Editor for Finance
    4. Managing Editor for Administration
    5. News Editor
    6. Sports Editor
    7. Features Editor
    8. Literary Editor
    9. Layout Editor
    10. Graphics Editor
    11. Arts Director
    12. Head Photojournalist
    13. Online Editor


Section 2. The procedure in selecting the editors shall adhere the following:

  1.  the guidelines provided by the student manual of the university
  2. by nomination of all the incumbent Editorial Board and Staffs
  3. Nominees will then be evaluated and chosen by the Selection Board based on their performance and character
  4. The Selection Board shall conduct a closed-door interview with the Nominees before finalizing the new Editorial Board
  5. The proposed Editorial Board by the Selection Board shall be duly approved by the Adviser and by the Office of the Student Affairs.
  6. If an appeal against the proposed Editorial Board by the Selection Board was imposed by the adviser, a re-evaluation must be conducted.


Section 3. Staff

  1. Any official student of the School of Engineering and Architecture is eligible to take the reportorial exam given at the start of every semester of each academic year.
  2. Applicant writers will take the reportorial exam at the same time with the presence of any of the Editors PROVIDED that the Editor-in-Chief is knowledgeable of the reportorial exam to be conducted.
  3. Applicant Layout and Graphics artist will take an examination that will determine their potential for layouts and graphics editing as set by the Layout and Graphics Editor PROVIDED that it is approved by the Editor-in-Chief.
  4. Applicant artist will take an examination that will determine their potential for cartooning as set by the Arts Director PROVIDED that it is approved by the Editor-in-Chief.
  5. Applicant photojournalist will take an examination that will determine their potential for photography and captioning as set by the Head Photojournalist PROVIDED that it is approved by the Editor-in-Chief.
  6. All applicants who passed the examinations will undergo an interview with the Selection Board.

Members and Officers

  1. Editor-in-Chief: Susana Elaine Basilio
  2. Associate Editor: Jame Clarisse Trinidad
  3. Managing Editor for Finance: Rhodora Gaille Cruz
  4. Managing Editor for Administration: Daniel Pasamonte
  5. Features Editor: Joanna Bianca Dela Pena
  6. Literary Editor: Maica Crizelle Mapoy
  7. Layout and Graphics Editor: Justine Intal
  8. Arts Director: Dredd Joshua Santos
  9. Head Photojournalist: Nadine De Torres
  10. Staff:
    1. Leonel Alvarado
    2. Markus Garcia
    3. Joseph Shelmar Songco
    4. Tristan Maglalang
    5. Karion Mandap
    6. Gia Lozano
    7. Reinica Timbang
    8. Krista Lyn Espina
    9. Kirk Hendriz

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Jame Clarisse Trinidad


Rhodora Gaille Cruz


Daniel Pasamonte


Joanna Bianca Dela Pena


Maica Crizelle Mapoy


Justin Intal


Dredd Joshua Santos


Nadine De Torress


Leonel Alvarado


Markus Garcia


Joseph Shelmar Songco


Tristan Maglalang


Karion Mandap


Gia Anne Nicole Lozano


Reinica Timbang


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