About Us

Management Society is an accredited organization for Business Administration Students
in Holy Angel University.
For thirty-fourth years in existence, it has been providing avenues to its members
not only in academics but as well as experiences in worthwhile activities with exposure to
actual business and professional experiences. This organization is affiliated with the
different partners such as national organization that provide opportunities for specific
majors through seminars, conventions and training for future business leaders. It is an
avenue to keep the students on track and develop mindsets in preparation to the real and
future business involvements and ventures.

Brief History

Aspiring Managers dressed up one evening of 1987 to attend the first ever
induction Night of the newly-organized Management Society of Holy Angel University
at Shanghai Palace. Everyone looked so elegant and made up the said event. Every
member of this organization really did prepare for this affair. But how did this all came
up? Who made and how this event become possible?
Thanks to our very own founder and the former registrar and management
professor, Mr. Jesus D. Panlilio. According to him, Management Society was born when
his 3rd and 4th year students inspired him to establish an organization that is made for
them. Initially, its primary objective was all about academics and to build camaraderie

among the students. Also, accountancy students then were dominant giving some second-
rate feelings to the management students. Thus, the establishment of an organization was

also to give prestige the course of these students. And so, Mr. Panlilio asked for the
blessing of the college dean then, who is now the University President, Dr. Arlyn S.
Villanueva. With the support of his co-instructors, the birth of the organization on
November 1987 was believed to be a success.
The founding members of the organization were less than a hundred. It was just
socialization for the members. To quote Mr. Panlilio, “It was to a certain extent a
Bayanihan”. These pioneering members prepared all the necessary documents, created
the constitution and bylaws, elected officers, and arranged projects for the organization.
The first ever president was Mr. Ernesto Ciballos.

The following school year of the foundation of the organization, more members
were acquired. Being a full time professor that time, Mr. Panlilio had given more
attention to the organization and its members. Management Society also became open to
non-management students. The new members included those accountancy students who
had learned to like
management; they had two organizations then. Because the confidence of the members
had in their course, management students became more participative in the school
By the mid- 90’s, a shortened name of the organization was made thus ManSoc.
The logo of ManSoc was a product of a contest. But the present organization logo was
recently revised keeping its original colors: yellow and green.

Membership Requirements and Procedures

1.1 Membership in this organization shall be restricted to bona fide students of
HolyAngelUniversity, in the School of Business and Accountancy.
1.2 All 3rd year and 4th year students who are enrolled in Business
Administration courses are automatically qualified members and on a compulsory
basis to join.
1.3 Submission of duly accomplish membership form.
1.4 An aspiring member shall agree with the terms and conditions set by the
2.1 The membership shall be valid for the 2 semesters of the academic year.
2.2 ManSoc privilege card shall only be owned and used by a bona fide ManSoc
2.3 ManSoc privilege card owner is entitled to a discount in any of the sponsors
affiliated to the organization that offer such.
2.4 ManSoc privilege card is non-refundable and non-transferable.

2.5 A member shall present a valid ID together with ManSoc ID upon payment to
avail discounts.
2.6 A lost ManSoc privilege card must be replaced by a corresponding fee of
Php70.00. In case of non-compliance, a member shall be denied of the rights and
privileges of being a ManSoc member.
2.7 In case of lost ManSoc privilege card, a member must immediately report to
the organization for corresponding action.
3.1 Rationale:
For the past school years, the Management Society (MANSOC) has been collecting
one hundred pesos (P100) for new members and one hundred pesos (P100) still
remained for the old members. In 2011, the officers of the organization decided to
increase the membership fee to one hundred and fifty pesos (P150) for both new and
old members. In 2015, the fee was increased further by twenty pesos (P20) to cater
the expense for privilege cards, a discount card that was made available to members,
making the membership fee a total of one hundred and seventy pesos (170). To cater
for the decrease in the expected members for the academic year 2016-2017, the
officers of the organization decided to increase the membership fee by ten pesos
(P10),the grand total being (P180). This is a way for them to raise funds so they may
continually help members to enhance their knowledge, skills, and personality
through different seminars, workshops and activities. Due to expected decrease of
members in the academic year 2017-2018, the officers of the organization decided
to increase the membership fee by ten pesos (P10) which makes (P190) as the grand
total. This is to increase raise funds in order to increase the productivity of the
organization when it comes to catering its members and giving them seminars,
workshops and activities. Due to the decrease number of management students in
the academic year 2018-2019, the membership fee has increased by ten pesos (P10)
summing up to two hundred pesos (P200) For the academic year 2019-2020, the
officers decided to keep the two hundred pesos (P200) membership fee.

The organization open the membership for free and made three registrations form
for 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year. It was posted on the social media accounts of the
organization to reach out more students.

Contact Details

Gregorio, Jovi C. (President)
Contact Number: 0961-732-5103
Hau email: jcgregorio@student.hau.edu.ph
Social media: https://www.facebook.com/joviicg/

Sy, Aira Zel V. (VP for Planning)
Contact number: 0947-481-3113
Hau email: avsy@student.hau.edu.ph
Social media: https://www.facebook.com/airazelsy

Fallorina, Jeremy N. (VP for Organizing)
Contact number: 09615835726
Hau email: jnfallorina@student.hau.edu.ph
Social media: https://www.facebook.com/jeremy.fallorina

Nepomuceno, Jacel R. (VP for Leading)
Contact number: 09190928003
Hau email: jrnepomuceno@student.hau.ph
Social media: https://www.facebook.com/jacel.nepomuceno

Refuela, Joyce Ann M. (VP for Controlling)
Contact number: 0999-571-6323
Hau email: jmrefuela@student.hau.edu.ph
Social media: https://www.facebook.com/joyceann.refuela

De Jesus, Ianne Betita G. (VP for Staffing)
Contact number: 0906-650-3549
Hau email: igdejesus@student.hau.edu.ph
Social media: