About Us

The League of Students for Excellence is an organization that upholds the genuine welfare of the students in achieving their goals by serving as a student body which serves as the partner of its members in achieving true excellence. It houses six ministries namely EARSPH, Entablado, OBRA, Pahayagan and Valiant which cater the interest of an Angelite specifically in Academics, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Verbal Communication and Esports. Various formations are done to mold its members into persons of conscience, competence and compassion with activities that helps them to know more of their purpose and goals as college students. With LSE-HAU they get to Live their Purpose and Achieve Their Dreams


Alarmed about the increasing number of failing students, in 2016, founder Paul Ernest Carreon come up with a solution in a brainstorming activity in the CEFA.Vniversitas of HAU. He believed that if we organize passionate students about their field and give them academic materials that would enable them to study in advance, we can create interactive study groups that they can lead that will serve as a venue for academic tutorials and peer mentoring to develop passion in their field and the value of excellence in their chosen profession. This gave birth to the idea of "The Academic Circles Project" that became an inspiration to establish the organization called "League of Students for Excellence" with Paul Ernest D. Carreon, Christian Karl Quiazon, John Marion Lozano, Jake Caligagan and more. Having a deeper thought about defining "excellence" and "passion", LSE opened its door for different groups that wants to convene themselves to professionally practice their skills in arts, sports, and research. This gave birth to the current ministries of LSE which are Enhanced Academic Research by Students for the Philippines (EARSPH) Ministry, Entablado Ministry, Obra Ministry, Pahayagan Ministry and Valiant Ministry.

Throughout the years, LSE commits in promoting excellence, exercising your passion and working together to coexist with mutual respect and harmony in diversity.

Membership Requirements and Procedures

1. The organization's membership is open to all students from Holy Angel University.
2. Application forms will be made available to all interested HAU students.
Membership procedures in the organization :
I. Completion of application document(s)
a) LSE Registration Form
II. Approval of the application by the Executive Board
III. Induction / Orientation

Members and Officers

See full list of members and officers here: http://bit.ly/3lmoa7h

Contact Information

E-mail: lse.holyangel@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lsehauofficial