About Us

The Society of Aerospace Engineers of the Philippines was conceived within a framework
to work for the promotion and advancement of Aeronautical Engineering in the
Philippines. It provides Education, Information services and extends technical assistance
to more than 1000 fellow, regular, associates, and student members.
The Society has vigorously worked for the upliftment of the profession and in the pursuit
of recognition in the international aviation community through introducing reforms and
developing programs designed to fire the burning desire of young engineers and students
on the thrilling and exciting field of aircraft manufacturing research, operation,
maintenance, and engineering.

Brief History

Year 2009, Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering was offered in the College of
Engineering and Architecture of Holy Angel University. A year after, Engr. Arvin Gastardo
gathered the aeronautical students to help them to create an organization that will focus
on the development of its members not only in academics but also in their social life.
The organization was called Society of Aerospace Engineers of the Philippines - Holy
Angel University Student Chapter (SAEP-HAUSC). Last June 16, 2018, the Mother
Chapter of the Federation have already recognized and accredited our organization.
The SAEP-HAUSC officers have already attended a convention last December 2010. It
helps not only the officers to be prepared for life but also its members. We will continue to
attend seminars and convention that will widen our knowledge and makes us aware of
the new technologies and studies.
In the year 2011, the aeronautical engineering students had a new uniform design for the
3rd year students, which are the first batch of the Aeronautical Students. The 4th and 5th
year students are also now wearing the Aeronautical Engineering uniform. The uniform
will not be available for the 1st and 2nd year Aeronautical Students according to the
previous curriculum offered. Now, as the new curriculum appeared for the students who
took up senior high, the prescribed uniform for aeronautical engineering students are now
applicable for the 1st year students except for the epaulette. Usage of epaulette will start
on their 2nd year up to their last year in the university.
The Society of Aerospace Engineers of the Philippines - Holy Angel University Student
Chapter (SAEP-HAUSC) will strive to be a productive organization and will help the
members to prepare them for life just like how Holy Angel University wanted them to be.

Membership Requirements and Procedures

The application for membership shall be made in writing on a form provided for the
purpose and shall be presented to the Officers. A majority of the Officers shall approve or
disapprove the application.

First year to fifth year Aeronautical Engineering Students of Holy Angel University are
qualified for membership.

Members and Officers

President: Joanna Bianca C. dela Peña
Vice President for Internal Affairs: Loied Hanned P. De Leon
Vice President for External Affairs: Ana Pauline C. Soldevilla
Vice President for Academic Affairs: June Carlo A. Yabut
Vice President for Non-Academic Affairs: Jasper Brian M. Agbanglo
Secretary: Markus Joshua O. Garcia
Vice President for Student Affairs: Luigi Mari L. Mateo
Vice President for Finance: Rizelle Anne M. Estrada
Vice President for Communications: Sherwin B. Centino
Vice President for Membership: Paulene Alyssa M. Santos
Vice President for Multimedia Arts and Creatives: Joshua M. Flores
Vice President for Performing Arts: Maria Crizel N. San Pedro
Vice President for Supplies and Logistics: Ralph Robert Urbano
3rd Year Representative: John Paul D. Morales
2nd Year Representative: Neildrin Paul P. Magcalas

Contact Details

Email: saephau2021@gmail.com
Social media accounts:
Facebook: facebook.com/SAEPHAUSC
Instagram: instagram.com/saep.hausc
Twitter: twitter.com/saephausc
Contact Number: +639175910033 (President)