About Us

The Enterprise is the official student publication of the School of Business and Accountancy, with the mission of delivering quality and relevant information to the student body. 

The publication takes utmost pride in providing service to the community through responsible and unbiased journalism that adheres to the principles of fairness, accuracy, and fact-based reportage to help the students form enlightened opinions and wise decisions. In unity with the community, it aims to highlight societal matters as a way to permeate an elevated sense of conscientiousness. 

The Enterprise is committed to widening the Holy Angel community’s artistic consciousness by providing free rein to creative expressions that uphold aesthetic tenets, Kapampangan Culture and Literature, and universal human values.

The members devote themselves to the ideals of true democracy and independence, founded on equal rights and social justice in the manner of free speech and expression to serve and protect the rights of the students…to act where we must, and to speak when we are needed.

In 2020, The Enterprise launched its official website at theenterprisehau.net in response to the pandemic. Since then, it has made use of its online platform to publish its articles and works, as well as serve as a medium to showcase the artistic and writing talents of the student body.

Brief History

The Enterprise was established in 1979 under the name “BSBA Tabloid”. This was changed to “The Tabloid” in 1988 and eventually became “The Enterprise”, as the name was made to be more specific to the college it serves. It has carried the same values it was built on for the past four decades with utmost objectivity and fairness, striving to offer “A Fair Deal”.

Membership Requirements and Procedures

Membership in The Enterprise is open to any bona fide student of the School of Business and Accountancy enrolled in the current semester or term. Applicants must meet the qualifications and standards set by The Enterprise and must maintain a satisfactory academic standing.

Aspiring members of the publication shall undergo a series of examinations and evaluations administered by The Enterprise. These include at the minimum a reportorial examination and an interview with the editors of the publication. The Enterprise may, at its discretion, require additional assessments as part of the application process as it deems fit. Those who pass the evaluations shall be admitted as reportorial staff.

Members and Officers

Editor-in-Chief: Maria Sophia Beatrice M. Ariola

Managing Editor: Chester P. Cortez

Associate Editor-Internal: Mylene S. Arceo

Associate Editor-External: Lyzette Nicole L. Kho

News Editor: John Keneth L. Mallari

Features Editor: Shann Paulo T. Garcia

Layout Editor: Cristine Joie Q. Bacud


Online Content Managers: 

Alexi Joyce V. Infante

Veronica P. Sangalang


Reportorial Staff:

Kyla Ruiza B. Aquino

Mike Angelo B. Contreras

Quina Zyrhise L. Capane

Fredelyn D.G. Salunga

Betina R. Aquino

Christian Rhic Q. Real

Contact Details

Email: theenterprise1979@gmail.com

Office Address: PGN Basement, Holy Angel University

Facebook Page: The Enterprise (@theenterprisehau)