About Us

This organization, established by the Architecture students of the Architecture Department of the School of Engineering and Architecture of Holy Angel University, which will lead the students towards the maintenance of fraternity, unity and diplomacy among its members shall be the governing body of the department known as the United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary-Holy Angel University Chapter (UAPSA-HAU). It is designed to establish general welfare among architecture students that are grounded in the spirit of unity, service to community, and excellence in both academic competence and professional relations

Brief History

UAPSA is the duly recognized student organization of the United Architects of the Philippines. It was established in 1989 and since then, it has expanded its connections to various schools, colleges, and universities throughout the nation including Holy Angel University. The HAU Chapter is among the youngest chapters for being officially affiliated in the fiscal year of 2007-2008. The HAU Chapter is the solely accredited chapter in Pampanga.

From being called as the United Architects of the Philippines-Vitruvian Angelites Student Chapter(UAP-VASC) back in 2003, the organization has changed its name to gain national accreditation, as well as to widen the scope of convergence with other architecture students in different aspects. 

Membership Requirements and Procedures

a) Must be a member of the organization.
b) Must be of good moral character.
c) Must be a regular student at the time of election. (For irregular students who have not acquired any failing grade, candidacy shall be based on separate qualification through personal essays and interviews.)
d) Must have no personal disciplinary cases filed on OSA.
e) For the positions of Chapter President, Vice President for Programs and Development, Vice President for Operations, Secretary, Treasurer, and Auditor, candidates must have leadership experience in any field (subjected on a separate qualification through personal essays and interviews.)
f) Must be firm enough to voice out his/her opinions and the opinions of others.
g) Must have a good academic standing sustained until his/her term finishes.


Members and Officers

[Second Term Positions]

a) Chapter President
Lianica Manalo

b) Vice President for Programs and Development
Kenneth Lingat

c) Vice President for Operations
Raven David

d) Secretary
Donna Bracamonte
e) Treasurer
Homer Sampang Jr.

f) Auditor
Francis Leanard Sicat

g) Commissioner for Membership

Pamela Cortez [Not enrolled]  

i) Commissioner for Academic Affairs
Rodney Laxamana

j) Commissioner for Sports 

John Lapid Zapata [Resigned]

k) Commissioner for Logistics
Jonathan Dayrit

l) Commissioner for Internal Affairs
Lee Anjelo Sapera

m) Commissioner for External Affairs
Latrell Joshua Padaong

n) Commissioner for Congress and Assembly
Krisfate Delos Santos

o) Commissioner on Media and Advertisements
Rayner Beltran

(p)   Commissioner for Design and Visual Arts
Rovich Pasamonte

q) Commissioner on Performing Arts
Pia Lagman

r) Chief of Staff
Alexander Keller

s) Representatives
Edifel Joyce Manzano
Katryna Trinidad

Contact Details

Email: uapsa.holyangel@gmail.com

FB Link: https://www.facebook.com/uapsahau/

IG: @uapsa_hau