CPT Jamaicah Ann C. Acojedo

University News

March 11, 2021

CPT JAMAICAH ANN C. ACOJEDO, PAF is a registered nurse and a graduate of Bachelor of Nursing in 2010 at Holy Angel University. During her stay at HAU, she served as the Chairman of the College Student Council of the College of Nursing (CSC-CON) where she earned her Leadership Excellence Award.   Right after passing the Nursing Licensure Examination, Cpt Acojedo worked as a volunteer nurse at Mexico Community Hospital.  This is where her calling to serve the nation started.  In 2012, Cpt Acojedo started her training through the PAF Officer Candidate School for 15 months followed by the Military Pilot Training at PAF Flying School in 2015. 
As a member of the Philippine Air Force and as an Instructor Pilot of the Philippine Air Force Flying School, Cpt Acojedo learned the basics of followership and leadership in the university.  For one to be a good leader, she must learn first to be a good follower. The university honed and molded her values that became her foundation when she joined the service. 

The greatest accomplishment she achieved during her stay at the university is that she gained another family through the College Student Council.  She learned that family isn’t always by blood and that the success of the Council is through the collaborative efforts of the CSC Family.   

Cpt Acojedo is married to Eng. Bryant Louie P Calma, also a fellow alumnus from the College of Engineering and Architecture at HAU. 
With her calling of serving the nation, CPT Acojedo has this message to the students of today and that is to “Be brave. Take Courage.  Life will not always give us want we want. In these trying times, let us be brave to meet our maximum potential. There are times that you may doubt yourself but being courageous makes a big difference.  Be brave to stand up, even after you fall.  Be brave to venture new things and experiences. Be brave to face the world and all the challenges.  After all it is better to be a victor after many times of failures than not even trying anything at all. It is better to live a life full of experiences than a life full of regrets. Laus Deo Semper.”