The Search for the Angelite Speaker

University News

December 10, 2020

The Office of Student Services and Affairs (OSSA) shall conduct a semi-annual search for the Angelite Speaker who shall deliver an inspirational speech during their commencement exercises for the upcoming January 2020 graduation ceremonies. The search is limited to the members of the graduating batch.

The speech is designed to complement the valedictory address of the top graduating student, who is presumed to be the brightest student. Since valedictory addresses often articulate the valedictorians’ personal experiences and insights, the speech of the Angelite Speaker shall express the collective thoughts and aspirations of the entire graduating batch. The speech shall focus on inspiring graduates and providing them a fresh perspective on life and career.

Mechanics of the Competition

1. All members of the graduating batch shall be eligible to participate in the search, including potential valedictorians. In the event the chosen Angelite Speaker turns out to be the valedictorian, he/she will be required to deliver the valedictory address instead, and the second-place candidate in the search will be designated as the Angelite Speaker.

2. Candidates shall submit a written graduation speech typed single-space (Times New Roman, size 12 font) on one letter size bond paper. A hard copy of the manuscript shall be sent to Mrs. Iris Castro, OSA Director at, on or before December 17, 2020 (Thursday).

3. The finalists shall then deliver their speeches to a panel of judges. Criteria shall include clarity, conviction and impact. Selection of speakers shall be done virtually.

4. The only incentive for being selected is the right and privilege to be the designated inspirational speaker during the commencement exercises. If no Angelite Speaker is selected, the valedictorian shall be the sole graduation speaker.

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