Engr. Lowell Morales

Alumni Focus

March 26, 2021

Engr. Lowell Morales earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree at Holy Angel University in 2010.  He was able to complete his college being an academic scholar from high school to college, while at the same time joining various organizations like Aegis (former organization of scholars), Christ Youth in Action (CYA), CEFA-Universitas, University Student Electoral Board (USEB) and a former editor-in-chief of The Solution (SEA official student publication).

Currently, Engr. Lowell works as a Lead Integrity Engineer at Wood Group Kenny Australia.  Prior to working in Australia, Engr. Lowell worked at Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. for almost 10 years.  For him, Shell opened a lot of doors to further enhance his skills in Electrical Engineering.  He shares “it set me up to the international stage of engineering beyond my initial foresight. I am currently a Chartered Engineer under Engineers Australia owing to my experience with Shell over the last decade. I am exploring the opportunities that consultancy can provide, leveraging my experience as an asset operator prior. I still envision a time where I can give back to the Philippines with the expertise that I have gained and about to gain further.”

Starting his career at Shell after passing the Electrical Engineering Licensure Board Exam, Engr. Lowell is grateful for HAU and through CEFA-Universitas where he was given an opportunity to be mentored by a professional outside of his local circle and at the same time encourage him to apply at Shell after he graduated from college.

Having been able to complete his college degree Engr. Lowell as he looked back on how HAU played a big role in achieving all of these, he shares “the scholarship is a big help if not a requirement for me to pursue my bachelor’s degree.  I was the first engineer in the family, so the journey is new for my family as well getting by through a sari-sari store. I have depended on scholarships for both high school and undergraduate tuition assistance in HAU, allowing me to be where I am at the moment. Studying through grants taught me simplicity and perseverance. I don’t consider myself as inherently bright student, but rather, a quick learner with the right amount of diligence. If I want something, I need to work for it. No shortcuts.”

With all of his experiences, Engr. Lowell’s message to the students of today is “If you want it, work for it.  There are no shortcuts in success, whatever form it may be to you.  Opportunity comes to those who are prepared to grab it when it presents itself. And as a student, it is the best time to sharpen yourself when you can afford to fail and learn not just academically but socially too.”