• Mission, Vision And Objectives
Mission Statement

The Holy Angel University (HAU) Library as a repository center for both print and non-print materials exists to provide varied and accessible library services in support of the University’s curricular offerings/instructional programs towards the development of the whole person through its continuing program of enriching, upgrading and maintaining highly accessible library collections and facilities.

  • To provide adequate, up-to-date and relevant resources and services to the HAU community, as a means to achieve the University's goals and objectives.
  • To support the University’s graduate and undergraduate programs in its instructional, research and information needs.
  • To develop, enrich and maintain the library collection in terms of the course offerings and programs of the University.

Towards the fulfillment of such objectives, the library accepts responsibility for the following:
  1. To continuously strengthen the existing library collection
  2. To continuously update the collection according to recency and usefulness
  3. To continuously improve the physical layout of the libraries.
  4. To continuously improve the facilities and equipment according to set standards.
  5. To continuously improve library utilization program.
  6. To continuously strengthen library networks.
  7. To continuously improve budget allocations.