Reference Information Section

This section houses a collection of extensive general reference materials which are intended to be consulted rather than read thoroughly.

  1. Objectives:
    • to provide answers to inquiries for specific information
    • to teach students how to use the section and its collection in connection with their research.
    • to provide bibliographical and other reference assistance
    • to organize ephemeral materials for effective use and easy access.

  2. Collection

    A wide variety of reference materials are provided. These include:

    B.1 General Reference Services, which include the following:

    • Dictionaries- give information about words, spelling, pronunciation, derivation, usage, meanings, syllabication current status, synonyms, antonyms, historical information, etc.
    • Encyclopedias- provide background information in all field of knowledge.
    • Geographical Sources- are described as tools that provide information about geography, like the atlases, maps, gazetteers, and guide books.
    • Yearbooks and Almanacs-n yearbooks are annual compendium of dates and statistics of a given year. While almanacs are annual publication of statistics and other information which be inevitably cover information of the previous years.
    • Biographical Sources- contain biographical sketches of factual information about the lives of persons arranges alphabetically by surname.
    • Handbooks- are handy reference sources that provide miscellaneous information about specific area of interest or topic.
    • Manuals- sources that contain instructions on how to do any activity.
    • Directories- are lists of names of persons, or organizations usually arranged in alphabetical order which provide information such as addresses, telephone numbers, etc.
    • Indexes- indicate where to look for an information.

    B.2 Other Reference Services - books covering all major field divisions which are reference in nature, for consultation and information purpose, rather than for circulation.

  3. Organization


    The open shelf system is practiced in the Reference Section. Materials are arranged on the shelves according to their call numbers, using Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. Shelf reading is being done regularly. Records are maintained and updated properly.


    The area is functionally and conveniently designed. It is kept attractive and comfortable to researchers. There is sufficient lightning and ventilation. A reference desk/counter is strategically situated in the section to attend the users’ needs. The materials are properly labeled for the users’ guidance.

    • Reference/Information Service- providing assistance to readers in connection with their research needs, from the simplest to the complex inquiries.
    • Research Advisory Service- advising the users/clienteles on what and how to of materials to use in their researches, term papers, reports, etc.
    • Users Awareness Service- informing the students about the sources and services available.
    • Preparing displays, exhibits, etc. to attract and encourage more clienteles to the section.

  4. Other Resources Available

    Pamphlets- are publications that contain valuable information. They are either of permanent or ephemeral value. They are indexed and organized in a vertical file cabinet for easy access as ready reference sources.

    Pathfinders- are guides to the literature and resources in a particular subject area. They are subject oriented research guides designed to encourage researchers a self-directed use of the library.

    Pathfinders are available in print and PDF files accessible for free in the library webpage click here

  5. Access to the Collection

    Reference books can be searched through Online Public Access Catalog located at the 2nd and 3rd floor of the University Library.

    Library users have free access to the collection because of its open shelf system. But the resources in this section are for room use only.


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