The Periodicals is the place where needed information may be found in journals, magazines, newspapers, and other serial literature. It has record of all serial holdings that come in successive issues or numbers, usually at a regular interval.

  1. Objectives:
    • to guide students in locating information by using periodical materials.
    • to help in locating information which could have not yet appeared in book form or could have not yet published in any other source of information.
    • to provide current awareness through reading periodicals.

  2. Organization of the Collection

    The open shelf system is used in the Periodicals. Bound periodicals are arranged alphabetically by title on the shelves. Back issues are also arranged alphabetically by title and are organized at the back issue stacks area. Current issues are properly displayed on the display racks.

    The librarian monitors issues of the periodicals so that when completed, these are sent to a binder.

    When there are missing issues, the librarian writes the publisher or dealer regarding the matter.

  3. Services

    Reader’s assistance – providing guidance and assistance in using the Periodicals collection.

  4. Access to the Collection

    Collection in this section are restricted to room use only, however, back issues may be borrowed photocopy or upon the approval of the librarian-in-charge.


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