The section houses materials about the Philippines, regardless of authors, imprint or format, except works written by Filipinos treating universally accepted ideas like statistics, mathematics, physics, etc.

  1. Objectives:
    • To furnish needed information that can be supplied by Filipiniana materials.
    • To familiarize students with the various types of Filipiniana materials.
    • To develop among users the skills on the use of Filipiniana resources.
    • To make users become aware and appreciate them as well, materials about the Philippines.

  2. Collection

    The book collection covers an adequate range of reading materials designed to meet the instructional and research needs of users.

    Various types of Filipiniana ready reference materials are: Almanacs; Yearbooks; Bibliographies; Indexes; Biographical Sources; Directories; Dictionaries; encyclopedia of the Philippines; legal materials such as Public Laws, Commonwealth Act, Republic Acts and Presidential Decrees; Maps like political maps, route maps, etc.; and Rizaliana collection, his works and works about him and his writings.

    Undergraduate theses are also housed in the Filipiniana Section. They can use the materials for room use only.

    Pamphlets collections are also housed in the section.

  3. Organization

    Books are arranged on the shelves according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. Filipiniana reference, Filipiniana biography and Rizaliana books are organized on the shelves according to their category. Location symbols are used for easy retrieval of these materials as:

    Fil/Bio – Filipiniana Biography
    Fil/Ref – Filipiniana Reference
    Riz – Rizaliana
    Fil – Filipiniana

  4. Services

    Reader’s Assistance – providing assistance to users in identifying the needed Filipiniana resources.

    Current Awareness – informing the users about the new resources available through book display or bibliography list.

  5. Staff

    The staff attends to users’ needs as far as their Filipiniana materials are concerned.

  6. Access to the Collection

    Filipiniana can be searched through the On-line Public Access Catalog or OPAC strategically located inside the library.

    The section adopts the open shelf system where users have free access to the collection. Materials in this section are for room/inside use only. However, permission to photocopy these materials may be granted upon the approval of the Librarian-In-Charge.


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