Cataloging Section

  1. Introduction

    The Cataloging Section is in-charge of organizing the library’s resources through classification and cataloging. Including in these process are the following:

    1. CLASSIFICATION. The Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme is used in assigning classification numbers which will determine the book’s location on the shelves.
    2. DESCRIPTIVE Cataloging or bibliography describing the book in the library. It is a process concerned with the identification and description of an item, the recording of this information in the form of a cataloging record. A set of rules, AACR 2.5, is used for uniformity and consistency.
    3. SUBJECT cataloging. It is a process of determining the subject heading to be used in the card catalog. This needs to analyze the content of the book by reading the book technically to obtain the information necessary. For assigning subject headings, the Sears Lists of Subject Heading is used.

      For new subject headings established or adopted by cataloger, necessary notation on the Sears Lists of Subject heading is made.

  2. Functions of the Cataloging Section
    1. Classifying and cataloging the collection in the library
    2. production and maintenance of the necessary bibliographic tools to ensure the most efficient use of the collection.
    3. issuance of regular bulletins of acquisitions
    4. preparation of reports on the collections as necessary
    5. coordination with other sections of the library for their bibliographic needs.
    6. upgrading cataloging practices according to national and international requirements
    7. provision of all main and added entry cards for all the libraries/section.

  3. Classification and Cataloging
    1. Policies
      1. Centralized cataloging for all library materials in all the libraries/sections.
      2. In cataloging, priority is given to books requested by faculty members for their class use.



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