The Filipiniana collection includes publications about the Philippines, in all its aspects – cultural, political, social, religious, and economic and others, regardless of author and imprint.

The book collection covers an adequate range of reading materials designed to meet the instructional and research needs of users.

Various types of Filipiniana materials are available, they are the following:

  • Filipiniana collection
  • Filipiniana Reference Collection – is composed of the standard reference books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, yearbooks, manuals, handbooks, maps, and indexes.
  • Rizaliana Collection – these include all works of Jose Rizal as well as works written about his life and writings.
  • Filipiniana/Biography- Books about Filipino biography
  • Filipiniana for Circulation – Filipiniana books which are duplicates that can be borrowed for home use.
  • Vertical file collection – consists of ephemeral materials which are unbound, such as pamphlets, maps and pictures.
  • Undergraduate Theses- A collection of theses of the different college/department which are very useful to students who are doing their research.