Career and Placement

Services to Students

Career Development

The guidance counselors conducted individual interviews to all graduating college students. This was organized by the Career and Placement which intends to expose the students on the real job interviews. Students were also given feedback on their performance during the interview.

Career Forum

In this forum, a panel of professionals in different fields share their insights and experiences relevant to career decisions. The activity also tackles the requirements of different courses. All freshmen attend this activity.


The University offers a series of workshops to graduating students to equip them with strategies on job hunting such as resume writing, handling job interviews, power dressing, etc. All graduating students are required to attend this activity.

Exit Interviews

This is one of the very best ways of preparing our graduating students for an actual job interview. Students participate in a simulated job interview conducted by counselors. Through this, our graduates learn what to expect from a real interview and improve the way they present themselves.

Job Fair

This semestral event aims to bring employment opportunities for graduating students, right on campus. Companies within the outside the region are invited to conduct orientation, exam and interviews to graduating students for possible employment. A requirement to all graduating to students.

Career Counseling

The office offers counseling to students who are undecided or indecisive about their major. The career counselor helps them to decide in choosing a major that best fits their abilities, interests and skills. Students can visit the office anytime if they wish to avail themselves of this service.

Services to Companies

Graduates Listing Service

The CPO maintains a list of graduates every semester. Companies and schools can request for such by writing a letter of request to the office.

Job Posting Service

The office assists companies and schools in announcing/advertising their job openings by posting them in the placement board.

On-Campus Recruiting/Information Session

On-campus recruiting/information session is a great way for companies to connect with our students/alumni. It gives them an opportunity to conduct orientation, interview and exam to our alumni anytime of the year.

Job Fair

The Job Fair is held every semester, usually October and March. It is an excellent opportunity for Companies to access applicants in greater number and in an environment where applicants are more related. Companies can hold exhibits, recruitment talk and interviews with our graduating students and alumni.

How to Get List Of Prospective Applicants

New Client Company

New client must mail/fax letter of request together with their company profile, and photocopies of Security and Exchange Commission (for small/medium-size companies established in the last 5 years in the Philippines), and DOLE Region III authorization letter (for local and international recruitment agencies).

Existing Client

For companies that have an existing record with the University, just send or fax a letter of request to avail of the office’s services. Companies are requested to inform the office of any changes in their contact numbers/addresses or representatives (HRD/Recruitment Officer).

External Partners


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