For Elected Student Leaders

Leadership Seminar

The leadership seminar was conducted to further enhance leadership skills of the student leaders and be abreast with the current trends and issues concerning school governance. The seminar was facilitated by Mr. Jonathan D. Cura, R.N., faculty member of the College of Nursing , an alumni of Holy Angel University and one of the regional finalists of 2007 TOSP and a 7th placer in the search for the Jose Rizal Model Students of the Philippines, 2007. The seminar brought a sharp impact to the participants, which was very apparent during their outputs, where they share their commitment as a leader to fulfill the mission/vision of the university, and was overwhelming attended by USC Officers, CSC Officers, and Organization Heads.

Organizing Events

In preparation for the new school year, the Office of Student Affairs conducted a Student Leadership Training for newly elected USC and CSC Officers, Organization Heads and Publication Staffers. This series of trainings is set up to help Student Leaders develop inter and intra personal skills. It also served as a springboard to their plans or campaigns as leaders and heads to their respective councils and organizations

Preparing Financial Statements

Seminar on Preparing of Cash Receipts and Disbursements Statement - May 22, 2008. Proper allocation of resources/funds could mean good supervision. One of the thrusts of the Office of Student Affairs is to assimilate to student leaders the value of honesty. The purpose of this seminar is to educate student leaders the right way of preparing statement of cash receipts and disbursements and handling of funds or budget. The seminar was facilitated by one of the faculty members of the College of Accountancy and a Certified Public Accountant, Mrs. Marites M. Dimalanta and was participated by the Council’s Treasurers and Chairpersons/President, Publications’ EIC and Managing Editors, and Organization Treasurers.

Formal Letter Writing

Lecture on Basic Documentation and Letter Writing - May 26, 2009, APS Internet Lab. One of the secrets to a successful organization/administration is through good communication especially in writing. It sets a good impression not only to affiliates but also to those who read or receive it. Mrs. Donida D. Morales – English Instructress from the College of Arts & Sciences and Education together with Miss Agnes N. Panlilio –Coordinator of Student Services Program gave the lecture to the Organization, USC, College Student Councils and Publication secretaries and vice chairpersons. The lecture focused mainly on how is the proper way of documenting and composing letter, memo and the likes. Through it, it will help in presenting good image to the council/organization. “The manner on how you communicate reflects.”

Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development Seminar - May 27, 2009. Being a Catholic learning institution, the Office of Student Affairs makes it a point to provide the students, especially student leaders a “moral and intellectual” training to make them competent, integrated and more important God-fearing individuals. The “Spiritual Development Seminar”, set sights on making students become aware of the value of being a leader and how it encompasses the wholeness of an individual. Through it, student leaders turn out to be receptive and at the same be sensitive to the needs of his fellow student. Fr. Raul Delos Santos of the Men of Light, provided insights and wisdom to the participants for them to reflect on.