For online filing of requests, please follow these instructions:

  1. Student emails the Chair/Dean of his/her request (attaching the accomplished form).

  2. The Chair/Dean assesses the request.

  3. The Dean endorses the request to the University Registrar for approval (in consolidated/summarized format, as much as possible).

  4. The University Registrar forwards the approval to the evaluator concerned for appropriate action.

Returning/Shifting Form

This form is used by HAU students who are returning for enrollment; and those who are shifting to different programs.

Request For Overload Form

This form is for students who are in need of requesting overload in their academic subjects that are beyond the prescribed program units.

Simultaneous Form

This form is accomplished by students who wish to take a pre-requisite subject simultaneous with its advanced subject.

Phased-out Subject Permit to Enroll

This form is used by students who are seeking to enroll/distribute a phased-out subject to an equivalent subject, as required by the academic curriculum that they follow.

Certificate of Transfer Form

This form is used as a clearance by students who are transferring to another institution.

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