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IE Program facilitates ISO 9001: Quality Management System Awareness Webinar

December 6, 2021

The Industrial Engineering (IE) Program in coordination with the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers - Holy Angel University Student Chapter (PIIE-HAUSC) organized the webinar on ISO 9001: Quality Management System Awareness with speaker Engr. Elmer A. Perez, head of the HAU Internal Quality Audit (IQA) team. To objective of the webinar is to create awareness and familiarization among the 3rd Year IE Students in the actual implementation of ISO 9001 in industry setting. This is one of the strategic approaches of the IE program in integrating actual industry learning experience to students given the limitation of visiting industries due to pandemic.

Engr. Perez shared an overview of the ISO and tackled its most general title, which is the 9001. ISO has over 8,000 titles and the most popular in the industries are the 9001 and 14001. ISO follows International Standards to ensure desirable characteristics of a product such as quality, efficiency, reliability, interchangeability, environmental friendliness, economic cost, and safety. Notable in mention by Engr. Perez are the indirect and direct causes of poor quality in which 10% of poor quality are visible. IE students showed interest in the course of discussion as they threw their questions that ignited examples on industry setting and how it was implemented in general, especially in HAU.

Among the questions raised was “In the context of service industry, how does overtime compensate the performance of a company when the results of the survey about customer satisfaction are not good?” According to Engr. Perez, he believes that overtime should only be done to meet the requirements of the customer. Additionally, he also shared that complicated process can be simplified by ISO.

ISO is established to acquire quality products and services among the industries.

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