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The second day of CCJEF's 2nd International Lecture Series Advances

October 12, 2021

The College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics (CCJEF) of Holy Angel University successfully pulled through the second day of its 2nd international lecture series entitled, "PLUS ULTRA: Unraveling the emerging trends and innovations in Forensic Science," last Saturday, September 25, 2021, featuring three towering experts in different fields of forensic science.

The event was formally started by the CCJEF Dean, Dr. Niño M. Kabiling. He delivered his warm welcome and gratitude to everyone gathered for the event, especially to the people behind the success of the said lecture series.

For words of inspiration, Ms. Edna Marriza C. Santos, the University Assistant Academic Vice President, shared her thoughts about the lecture, emphasizing that our thirst for learning brought the students, faculty, and other criminal justice enthusiasts together, despite the current learning setup.

The second day of the 2nd international lecture series covered forensic linguistics, forensic firearm, and tool mark examination, and forensic technologies applied in actual cases. Dr. Marilu Madrunio of the Philippines, Prof. Zachary Carr of the United States, and Dr. Carlos A. Gutierrez of Chile individually shared their knowledge and expertise about the said topics, including the current technologies used therein.

Dr. Madrunio from the University of Santo Tomas discussed an overview of forensic linguistics—its categories, coverage, and known solved cases from all over the globe. She narrated Jan Svartvik's story in pioneering the term 'forensic linguistics' in his case study entitled "The Evans Statements: A case for Forensic Linguistics" in 1968. She presented visual excerpts highlighting the role of forensic linguistics in criminal investigation wherein, as circumstantial evidence, it focuses on the use of language, spelling, idiolect, even formatting of the person of interest.

On the other hand, Prof. Zachary Carr, in his discussion about the forensic firearm and tool mark examination, also enlightened the participants of the other different services that a firearm examiner can surprisingly provide, and one of which is tool mark examination. He discussed the firearm function testing, how bullet and cartridge case comparisons work, and their purposes. In the latter part of his discussion, he enumerated the different types of equipment, old to modern, used in this specific field of forensic science.

Lastly, the lecture will not be a success without the comprehensive discussion of Dr. Carlos Gutierrez on the emerging technological aspect of criminal investigations. He progressively defined all critical terms associated with a criminal investigation and the importance of being a certified expert in a specific field of specialization to be a good investigator. He shared the different technologies of today's generation, as far as the criminal justice field is concerned, and how it helps us identify and analyze evidence, which is a fundamental part of an investigation.

To formally end the event, Mr. Anthony Jimenez, CCJEF Program Coordinator, expressed his gratitude to everyone who participated and spared their time to learn more about the various fields in forensic science, which aids in the investigation process. He concluded the event by stressing the need for more experts in the different areas of forensic science to effectively and efficiently administer justice.

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