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PIIE-HAUSC Kicks-Off the School Year with ‘Divergent’ theme

August 18, 2021

On August 13, 2021, the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers – Holy Angel University Student Chapter (PIIE-HAUSC) held its annual General Assembly along with the Welcome Freshmen event with the theme “DIVERGENT: Diversified Thinking, Transcending Limits”. The PIIE-HAUSC Vice President for Internal Affairs, Ms. Maria Clarisse Santos led the program with her opening remarks where she introduced the PIIE-HAUSC Leadership Council for the Academic Year 2021-2022. She also presented the plans that the Leadership Council has prepared for the organization along with the central theme for this Academic Year -- “DIVERGENT”.

In welcoming the new members of the PIIE-HAUSC family, the Leadership Council prepared an audio visual presentation for the freshmen and introduced themselves individually to the organization.

The event also featured Industrial Engineering (IE) alumnus Engr. Angelo Yutuc. He tackled how indsutrial engineers greatly contribute to society during this pandemic. He also said that “we should not be short-sighted on what’s in our paths and that we should also be thinking about our future”. He then stated that industrial engineers have a lot to contribute, “you just need to put your mind to it”, and that attitude matter more than everything in the industry. “As a team in a company, you must accept everything and do not discriminate against people around you. To make things better and normal, adaptability is one of the skills that an IE needs to improve in this time of the pandemic. Without this, we cannot move forward to achieve the goals we want for ourselves,” he adds.

After the talk and Q&A with Engr. Yutuc, an icebreaker was initiated by the game masters entitled “Human Bingo”, which gave a chance for the attendees to interact with their fellow students. With this game, they had the opportunity to know more about their fellow IEs who joined in the game. Shortly after, the PIIE-HAUSC Committee Directors discussed the duties and responsibilities that each committee upholds. With this, they also encouraged the students to join a committee that they desire, for it could help them to enhance their skills and learn new things that they can bring with them throughout their journey.

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