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June 10, 2021

To our dear celebrant and University Chaplain Rev. Fr. Marvin Dizon and to my dear colleagues at Holy Angel University, a pleasant morning and blessed day to you all. Welcome to our Sixth Mission Day at Holy Angel University.

For the new members of our university community, Mission Day is the day each year when we all come together to make a difference not only to improve our community, but also to deepen our ties to our neighbors and have fun working together to do good!

In his apostolic exhortation Gaudete et exsultate, Pope Francis wrote at length about the universal call to holiness in the Church. We are all called to be holy by living our lives with love and by bearing witness in everything we do, wherever we find ourselves. Mission Day reminds us that, in the midst of our own challenges, there are people out there who are in more vulnerable states of life. The pandemic has, indeed, forced us to exercise our creative juices on how to meaningfully celebrate our Mission Day. it is during trying times like this that we all the more need to keep the spirit of mission and compassion alive and at work among us.

At Holy Angel, it coincides with the university president’s birthday – a reminder that every new day is a blessing from the Almighty, blessings that we receive not because of our merits but because of His infinite love and mercy. It was the philosopher Socrates who said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Each birthday is an occasion to engage in self-reflection, especially as each birthday brings us one year closer to our appointed day of reckoning with our Creator. And as I reflect upon my birth anniversary, I am reminded of an old song from my high school days.

At that time, Peter O’Toole and Petula Clark appeared in the musical film Goodbye, Mr. Chips. One of the memorable songs from that film was “Fill the World With Love.” Let me take line from that song:

In the evening of my life I shall look to the sunset
At the moment of my life when the night is due
And the question I shall ask only God can answer
Was I brave and strong and true?
Did I fill the world with love my whole life through?

Every time I engage in self-reflection usually ends up with a list of the things that I wish would have been different or a list of flaws. Invariably, such list is overshadowed by the list of good things that I have taken for granted, nearly all of it willed by God’s grace. So my resolution for today is that I will only talk about good things – no complaints, no criticisms, no negative attributions or assumptions about other people – and every violation I make will be compensated by two good deeds. How about that? If I can do this for one day, perhaps it could be done every day despite our human frailties. Imagine how our community might be if all of us would commit to doing the same and actually do it!

I wish to thank all of you in advance for your participation, physically or virtually, in Mission Day. This is a day for us to truly live our mission of becoming persons of conscience with warm hearts, persons of competence with informed minds, and persons of compassion with loving hands. Let us lift to the Lord our service to others this day … and, for my last announcement, at 1:00 p.m. today, we can all take a rest.

Laus Deo semper! Praise to God always!

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