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HAU Ad Creators meet Octopus and Whale for Advertising Campaign Project

May 18, 2021

2nd year Communication student teams of Holy Angel University (HAU) took on Octopus and Whale’s challenge and brought forth eight campaign proposals that answer the new problem posed by the online education for their final term.

From April to May, the young creatives worked on their campaigns to make the distance learning system more engaging for students to stay in school. They were given a virtual workshop and a pitch brief by some of the key players of Octopus and Whale (O&W) last April 15. They were Joey David Tiempo, Nolan Fabular, and Bea Ocampo.

“We want you to answer and solve the problem. It’s a real problem not just in Holy Angel University but in all of the universities across the Philippines. If you guys are able to solve it here, then you are solving it for the entire country,” said O&W Founder and Chief Creative Joey David Tiempo.

Octopus and Whale (O&W) is a Game and Brand Experience Design Agency based in Manila. As a head start for the HAU sophomores’ upcoming internship program, O&W was invited to join their advertising campaign project. Copywriting Course Professor Ryan Roberto said, “In a way, this is like an experiment for O&W to gauge the quality of our advertising program and the skills of our students.”

To help unleash the teams’ creativity, each was given a mentor of their choice.

From the section of BA-201 (A), Team 1 had Marcelo Lacap III, a copywriter at NuWorks Interactive Labs; Team 2 had Eyds Carreon, a former copywriter at Publicis Jimenez Basic; Team 3 had Camille Nuqui, a copywriter at Ripple8, Inc. - DDB Group Philippines; Team 4 had Troy Castro, a former art director at Redbin and current graphic designer at Flood Control Asia.

From the section of BA-202 (B), Team 1 had Earle Enriquez, a social media specialist and content creator; Team 2 had Glan Manalo, an art director at IdeasXMachina (IXM); Team 3 had Kirk Castillo, a former copywriter at Dentsu and current content editor at Clutch; Team 4 had Francis Sison, an art director and brand designer.

Alumni in the industry got on board. They served as the mentors of the teams from the concept studies development down to the presentation. Every process went through consultations with Professor Ryan Roberto and O&W Co-Founder Nolan Fabular. These pushed the teams to polish their ideas and materials to near perfection to qualify for the preliminary round.

On May 11, the results were announced. Four got in as the finalists: Team 1-A, Team 1-B, Team 2-B, and Team 4-A. They were shortlisted by Nolan Fabular and Alex Castro, a former senior executive officer at Publicis Jimenez Basic.

As the conclusion of the ad campaign competition drew near, all the finalists geared themselves up in the way they knew best—communication.

From a mental health program to a digital application, each presented their edge in encouraging the students to pursue education. They were judged by Joey David Tiempo, Nolan Fabular, Joy Garcia, and Bea Ocampo. The evaluation was based on creativity (art and copy), strategic thinking, answers the brief, presentation, and feasibility.

After days of gritted teeth and clenched fists, the virtual awarding stage opened its curtains on May 18.

Team 4-A’s campaign titled “Taympers!” snagged the gold award. Its efforts revolved around a mental health program which aims to set the boundary between academic and personal life. On the other hand, Team 1-A’s “Angelite Planner” which offers an interactive application for the students and teachers snagged the silver award. Team 1-B’s “HAU are You?” and Team 2-B’s “My Angel Buddy” followed, with the former winning the bronze award and the latter as a finalist. HAU are You? is a personalized school-based support campaign which gives the students a friend (Ben Angelo), while My Angel Buddy gives the students an application and an online class companion (Angel) projected by a holopad. A special mention was also given to a non-finalist, Team 3-B. Its campaign titled “You’re in for a Quest!” earned the expert judges’ praise for its gamification idea centered on goals and rewards.

Leaders of the said teams admitted that the challenging experience allowed them to grow. Should they choose to enter the industry, this would be one of the firsts which could help them in mastering their own craft.

“We are allowed to express our vision and our creativeness in this project to people who really work in the field. And being applauded by those who have their names embedded on the industry of advertising is something that we can be proud of,” said Taympers’ leader, Nicoleth Manarang.

Angelite Planner’s leader, Ernest Yap, also said that it was challenging and fulfilling. “I do not think I'm brave enough to be in that field, but this experience really equipped me to start my journey to be more brave to face this industry.” He even added that this was an opportunity for Kapampangans to show their talents in advertising.

HAU Are You’s leader, Keyo Romero, supported this statement, saying that those who are in the province have a lot to offer. “It is an opportunity for Kapampangan students to showcase their wit and creativity, that they are also competent.”

Local creatives in Pampanga are still growing, but these students believed that they can prove themselves with these opportunities.

O&W Founder and Chief Creative Joey David Tiempo attested to this. From being a judge of numerous student competitions, she have seen talents, and the talents of these HAU sophomores were on par, if not even better, than those from premier advertising schools in Metro Manila.

Everything in simple lines. Short but substantial.

Tiempo emphasized in this campaign project that simplicity is what the advertising industry honors. Seeing these young ad creators from Pampanga then made Tiempo and her O&W team look forward to their talents being nurtured.

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