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HAU Launches helpdesk for COVID-19-afflicted students

May 17, 2021

Holy Angel University (HAU), through the Office of the Community Extension Services (OCES) and in partnership with the University's schools, college, and departments, has recently launched the “HAU to Battle COVID-19" Help Desk in its effort to reach out to its students affected by COVID-19. Conduct of an online survey and coordination with the different departments led to the identification of around 60 students who tested positive for COVID-19. To confirm the results, those who were initially identified were individually contacted via text message.

Online spiritual counseling sessions have been facilitated by the University Chaplain as per the request of some of the concerned students, while those who signified to have guidance counseling needs were referred to the University Guidance Office's Program dubbed as “A Chat with a Guidance Counselor.” Requests for extension of deadlines for academic requirements and other related concerns were on the other hand endorsed by OCES to the concerned schools, college, or department. Eucharistic celebrations intended for the HAU Community's intentions vis-a-vis the COVID-19 pandemic are also regularly being scheduled by the Campus Ministry Office (CMO).

On May 17 and 19, 2021, the OCES personnel were able to visit the concerned college students in their respective homes and distribute the care kits from HAU. Safety protocols were observed in the distribution of the kits. As f or the identified BED students, distribution of kits is currently being scheduled in coordination between OCES, the BED principal, and the concerned class advisers.

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