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IJM, CCJEF conclude 3-part lecture series against OSEC

April 27,2021

Last Saturday, April 24, 2021, the International Justice Mission (IJM) Philippines and Holy Angel University's College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics (CCJEF) hosted the last part of their lecture series titled "Strengthening the fight against Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC).” via Zoom and Facebook Live.

The second and previous parts of the lecture series were successfully delivered on April 17. Mr. Jorge Salang, a U.S. Internet Crimes Against Children Specialist, expressed his expertise in the global response to online sexual exploitation of children and the fundamental investigation of OSEC. He also presented a documentary that looked at the process or modus operandi of those that participate in sextortion, including the employment of minors.

Dr. Nino M. Kabiling, CCJEF Dean, delivered his opening remarks to formally kick off the last day of the lecture series. He extended his warm welcome and expressed his appreciation to everyone who participated, including the people behind the success of the three-part lecture series, and highlighted the importance of the lecture series. “This lecture series would be our springboard in strengthening our commitment to fight and end online sexual exploitation of children.”, he emphasized.

For words of inspiration, the Assistant Academic Vice President, Ms. Edna Marriza C. Santos gave her heartfelt expression of encouragement and appreciation to the participants and committees for the lecture series' success, saying “Our lecturers equipped us with the inspiration and the motivation to act and to contribute the best we can in taking good care of the youngest members of our society, children.”

The speaker of the first topic “Relevant Laws, Provisions, and Guidelines Against OSEC” is Atty. Jewel Dela Cruz, the Lead Lawyer for Prosecution Development in IJM Philippines, Manila Field Office. She started by presenting a video clip of recent OSEC-related news. She went over each of the laws that could have been violated if a child were exploited online, enumerating, and expanding each one. In addition, she re-stated that online child sexual exploitation is a form of child pornography. She also outlined the value of police officers and government agencies in reporting and the investigation of OSEC cases. She concluded her topic by showing a video clip about the victims' recovery process, reinforcing the value of their safety, the nurturing and caring they deserve.

Atty. Alexandrino Malillin, Senior Manager for Investigation and Law Enforcement Development of IJM Philippines, Manila Field Office, discussed the second topic, "Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) for OSEC Investigations." He started by introducing Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) which is an approach that acknowledges the prevalence and impact of trauma and attempts to create a sense of safety of all participants which has a goal to fully engage participants by minimizing perceived threats, avoiding re-traumatization, and supporting recovery. He further stated the barriers that victims face as well as solutions, which include engaging, establishing trust, and empathizing with them. Before wrapping up his discussion, he invited a volunteer from the audience to join him and present a role-play to help demonstrate the purpose of Trauma-Informed Care.

The three-part lecture was formally concluded by Mr. Anthony John Jimenez, CCJEF's Program Coordinator. He expressed his appreciation to all who participated in the success of the said lecture series.

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