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IJM, CCJEF’s lecture series on fight against OSEC proceeds to its second day

April 20, 2021

The International Justice Mission (IJM) Philippines and Holy Angel University's College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics (CCJEF) hosted the second part of their lecture series titled "Strengthening the fight against Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC)" last Saturday, April 17, 2021.

Last April 10th, the first part of the lecture series was successfully delivered via Zoom and Facebook Live. Atty. Jewel Dela Cruz, Lead Lawyer of Prosecution Development at IJM-Manila Field Office has drawn a distinction between OSEC and traditional trafficking, as well as the global and Philippine landscape of OSEC; while Atty. Alexandrino Mallillin, Senior Manager of investigations and Law Enforcement Development discussed the Philippine Model of Combating the Livestreaming of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation.

To formally start the event, Dr. Nino M. Kabiling, CCJEF Dean, delivered his opening remarks by emphasizing a statement, “In online sexual exploitation of children investigation, the investigators conduct online engagement such as, but not limited to online interdiction activities, undercover investigations, surveillance, monitoring operations, and digital forensic examination on electronic evidence.”

The Assistant Academic Vice President, Ms. Edna Marriza C. Santos, gave an inspiring speech to kick off the lecture series. In her inspirational message, she said “Through this awareness, we get into a multiplier effect. We get to influence awareness and commitment among everybody to protect our dear children who are so precious before the eyes of our Heavenly Father.”

The speaker for the second day of the lecture series is Mr. Jorge Salang, a U.S. Internet Crimes Against Children Specialist. Through collaborating and working with the Philippine law enforcement authorities, he provides subject matter information and technical assistance to them to solve OSEC crimes, rescue victims, and ensure the lawful arrest and prosecution of convicted criminals.

On the first topic “Global Response Against OSEC”, Mr. Salang demonstrated the statistics where the Philippines is the largest known source country of cases of OSEC. He introduced the Philippine Internet Crimes Against Children Center, a collaborative initiative by law enforcement throughout the Philippines to fight child exploitation. This international collaboration is a major move forward in their quest to fight child online exploitation through a unified global response. He also presented a case of an Australian businessman who pressures young girls to give him naked photos of themselves with the process on how the law enforcement worked together to apprehend the suspect. To wrap up the first topic, he provided the solutions of IJM in fighting against OSEC saying “What we are trying to do is to encourage the local law enforcement in the Philippines to continue their hardwork and strengthen their investigative skills so that we continue to break cases and rescue children.”

On the second topic “Fundamental Investigation of OSEC”, Mr. Salang showed a documentary about online sextortion where minors are involved. The documentary explores the mechanism or modus operandi of those who engage in sextortion, including the employment of minors where they blackmail men from foreign countries by threatening them to give money or else, they will send the captured video to any of the man's relatives. Following that, he responded to some of the questions raised by the participants.

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