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SEd studes beef up research writing skills

March 29, 2021

Eager to finish their theses accordingly, about a hundred School of Education (SEd) student-researchers actively participated in the webinar “Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis” on March 26 via Zoom.

The SEd-organized webinar series, which started in August last year, aims to assist the said participants in their data analysis right in time before their manuscripts get submitted by mid-April for oral defense.

The first lecturer, Dr. Edwin Ibañez from Central Luzon State University, focused on gathering and analyzing data for quantitative research by exhibiting a student-researcher-friendly lecture session.

Dr. Ibañez started from defining the basic concepts of the said study to showcasing methods in the interpretation of data. He also demonstrated how to use the basic IBM SPSS Statistic program for analyzing numerical data.

Prof. Arlan Dela Cruz from the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS), the second speaker and an expert in phenomenological studies, shared his previous research paper while relating himself as a fellow researcher to the audience throughout the lecture session.

The second session focused more on the essentials of the data analysis in a qualitative study, as well as the parts of Thematic Analysis, as it is considered as the "laborious" part in research completion according to Prof. Dela Cruz.

Each session ended with an open forum facilitated by the emcee Abelardo Jr. Cortez. Lecturers were able to answer the inquiries of the students.

The student-researchers even said that the lecture is one of the most engaging and insightful sessions in the webinar series by far.

"Overall, I can say that this is the most interesting and informative webinar out of all the research webinars held in SEd. Before attending this webinar, I have a lot of questions in mind but as the discussion went by, I realized that my questions are already being answered one by one," said one of the webinar attendees.

Meanwhile, SEd Dean Dr. Alma Natividad hopes that the researchers will be able to seek more motivation in pushing through the completion of their studies after attending the webinar.

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