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CCJEF presents an International Lecture on ‘The Psychology of Surveillance’

December 1, 2020

An International lecture about Surveillance was presented virtually last November 28, 9:00AM (GMT +8) by Holy Angel University's College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics (CCJEF). The webinar brought people together from across the globe to witness the lecture entitled "The Psychology of Surveillance" delivered by renowned resource speaker Ms. Rhonda Glover Reese, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agent and acting Director of the Human Resources Division of FBIHQ at Washington D.C. USA. The event was hosted and moderated by CCJEF's very own Ms. Yshi Mae Maglagui.

After the invocation and the singing of both Philippine and USA national anthems, the CCJEF Dean, Dr. Niño M. Kabiling addressed all participants with a brief and significant speech, “In order to obtain advantage over adversaries, it is essential to acquire the most current and accurate information regarding their plans and resources. This fundamental premise applies in every field, like in politics, business, law enforcement strategy, or criminal intelligence.” as emphasized by Dr. Kabiling.

The Assistant Academic Vice President, Ms. Edna Marriza C. Santos, inspired the participants through her heartwarming message “CCJEF’s innovation is the action in meeting Holy Angel University Strategic Objectives namely, Academic Quality and Organizational Excellence; and being an authentic instrument for countryside development, there is no stopping Dean Kabiling and his team from creating new learning opportunities and opening Holy Angel University’s door to all students who wants to learn with us. What makes our lecture special is having an international renowned speaker who despite their busy schedule selflessly used valuable time to reach out to all of you, to share valuable and relevant information.”

Proceeding to the lecture, Ms. Reese started with sharing her life's journey to becoming an FBI agent all the way back to when she was still a little girl, To the point where she was accepted but to her distress - to the switch board. Though it was a very frustrating on her part to be assigned to that group, she taught that we still need to have the right attitude and keep ourselves open and do our best at everything.

Ms. Reese stressed, "I decided to learn everything that I could about the switch board, I took on different shifts, I learned everything about it. I opened myself up to the opportunity of being assigned to the switch board. So as I opened up, I met more people, gained more responsibilities, and doors starts to open for me. As you show up, you need to show up ready, you must show up decent and in order, and you need to show up at your best. [Because] People are not willing to invest in someone who does not show up at their best. They're not willing to invest time in people that are not willing to show up decent and in order."


After she has served her time in the switch group, she got promoted to becoming an investigator specialist in the special surveillance group and had undergone training. Her struggles and her learning's working beside agents.

She emphasized, "When you're doing surveillance, you have got to know as much as you can about that person that you are surveilling. You have got to know almost everything about them. You have got to be able to walk like them and understand who they are because you must try and be a couple of steps ahead of them. You have got to know exactly what they like. You have got to know where they live. You’ve got to know their car, but you got to get to know them as individuals and you want to be able to anticipate what they’re going to do.”


Continuing with her journey, she became an FBI agent after 13 weeks of training. Working even on weekends, training and preparing to become an agent for the FBI. After training she was assigned to the drugs squad in Newark, New Jersey.

“It is probably one of the toughest divisions that you could’ve gone to and it really was, it was a tough division. Really what made it so tough was. it was a lot of work; it was a lot of drug work there in New Jersey that needed to be done and so I was there doing it. And so, I was away from home because I am from DC and now, I am in New Jersey, but one of the things that learned about the FBI is - that it is a family. It is an organization that is family-oriented.” Ms. Reese explained.


The transition from a field agent to management was not in her plans. While in management, she was in CID and it was there when she learned about how to oversee in a national scale but her challenges did not end there, it was then when she was faced with the task of presenting a confidential case in front of a lot of important people when she found something she needs to work on – her presentation/speaking skills.

To conclude her discussion, she left everyone a very inspirational message about what she believes what she wants to do. She wanted to become an inspiration and example to all black women that they all could do it too. "I hope that what I said to you has provoked some thought about what you want to do, because you want to be thought provoking, you to think about what you really want to do, you want to think critically about where you want to go because this is your opportunity."

Ms. Maria Diana Delfin, CCJEF Program Coordinator closed the event by sharing her insights about the topic and conveyed her deep appreciation to everyone who participated and supported the international lecture.

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