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CCJEF’s International Lecture Series Ensue Its Second Day

November 9, 2020

Holy Angel University’s College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics (CCJEF) continued to host the second day of the international lecture series entitled, “Inquisitio: A Virtual Probe to Forensics” on Saturday, November 7. Mr. Hermes Vargas served as the master of ceremony and moderator for this session.

The succeeding webinar featured Professor Deepali Chaudhry as the resource speaker for the day two of the event. She is a Genetics major with a skillful background in various areas of forensic science including her topic of discussion, “Forensic Anthropology and its Application.” Chaudhry obtained her Biomedical Science Degree at University of Delhi with honors and her master’s degree in Forensic Science at Amity University.

To grace the event, Dr. Niño M. Kabiling, Dean of CCJEF, delivered his welcoming remarks, “Forensic anthropologists play an important role in establishing the cause of death in an investigation. Their knowledge of the human body contributes to the result of a death investigation by providing factual findings and conclusions,” as emphasized by Dr. Kabiling.

For the highlight of the said lecture, Professor Deepali Chaudhry shared her valuable insights in the field of Forensic Anthropology, its scope, and the extensive application of the said branch of forensic science in criminal investigation. She briefly discussed the history of the field as well as the role of Forensic Anthropology today, particularly its contribution to the law enforcement.

“You can evaluate, you can assess, and you can use forensic anthropology on the research scale of forensic science,” Chaudhry added as she presented a list of prospective careers in the field of Anthropology in general. Following the discussion, some of the inquiries from the audience were given light by the speaker. The day two of Inquisitio was formally concluded by Ms. Ma. Diana Delfin, CCJEF Program Coordinator. With her closing remarks, she expressed gratitude to Ms. Deepali Chaudhry for imparting her knowledge and expertise to the audience of the webinar series.

Finally, she quoted Clyde Snow, “Bones are our last and best witness. They never lie, they never forget,” as a parting statement.

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