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CCJEF kicks off first day of ‘Inquisitio’ Forensics webinar

November 5, 2020

The College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics (CCJEF) successfully presented the first day of their International Lecture Series entitled, " Inquisitio: A Virtual Probe to Forensics” last November 4, 2020.

The said lecture series started with the welcome remarks from the Holy Angel University President Dr. Luis Maria R. Calingo. In his welcoming remarks, he shared how Forensics Science plays a vital role in contemporary society, “I could think of 5 ropes. First, prime solving contribution. Second, Determining the cause of the. Third, identifying suspects. Forth, missing persons and lastly, profiling criminals".

Likewise, the Dean of CCJEF Dr. Niño M. Kabiling, discussed the purpose of the international event and said, "Forensic science is one of the most important aspects of any criminal investigation, as it can permit the authorities to do everything from positively identify a suspect in a crime to determine precisely when and how a crime occurred".

The first day of the International lecture Series will never be possible without the two distinguished resource speakers: Mr. Shane Turnidge from Ontario Canada, a fingerprint expert and owner of SST Forensics shared his knowledge and expertise in relation to the topic "Power of a Picture: Identifying People Through Images of Their Hand". He imparted the power of a picture in identifying people including the methodology in processing known or unknown prints so they can be compared to known prints.

On the other hand, Dr. Gerry J. Caño, National President of Professional Criminologist Association of the Philippines Inc. (PCAP) discussed the vision of the Philippine Criminal Justice Education which includes graduate programs for Forensic Science and Industrial Security Management, government regulation and board examination of BFSCi and BSISM, international linkages and alignment and lastly foreign reciprocity of practice of profession.

The said event which was presented via Facebook Live hit almost two thousand live viewers that were attended by different students and professionals across the Philippine archipelago and from various countries like Singapore, Malaysia, India, Canada, USA, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

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