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SAS conducts virtual PAC

November 3, 2020

The School of Arts and Sciences conducted its virtual Program Advisory Council (PAC) for Psychology and Communication Programs last October 29 and 30, respectively.

Highlights of the Psychology’s meeting are the importance of mindfulness in the workplace and how this could support an individual’s well-being, soft skills such as verbal and written communication should be enhanced. The program also needs to incorporate ways on how to train students to do proper test administration, screening, onboarding, and data management. Furthermore, mental hygiene and mental health awareness could be the trend in the future and tech-related subjects may help the stakeholders in their future jobs.

The Communication Program’s meeting identified the jobs of the future leaning towards digital and streaming services like multimedia storytelling, digital materials development, and web content development. Competencies which the program can work on are interdisciplinary approaches in conducting research and producing outputs; managing teams/people online, and the valuing of emotional needs of students in the time of pandemic.

The industry partners see the hybrid set-up for the internship program particularly on television production. It was also advised to explore development and research works as alternatives for mainstream media. The borderless run of internship is also expected to prosper since all communications today are done online.

The virtual run of the PAC proves the commitment on quality and continuous improvements and innovations of the programs of SAS.

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